Rectification of Hazrat Khalid mistake by Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam..

After the victory of Mecca, some of the Qabail-e-Arabs themselves accepted Islam, and in some of these Qabail families, Huzur ﷺ sent few people as the advocates of Islam. Under the leadership of Hazrat Khalid Radiallahu anhoo a group of 39 people was sent to Banu Jazima. They were advised to remember that the purpose of this mission is only the spread of Islam. War or fight has no place in this process. Tabqat-e-Ibn-e-Sa’ad states that Rasul-e-Khuda ﷺ sent Khalid to Bani Jazima for the spread of Islam and not for war or fight.

Despite this, Hazrat Khalid tried to work with the sword. Huzur ﷺ heard this and suddenly stood up and facing Qibla said, “O’ Allah, I am not at fault for whatever Khalid has done.”He repeated this thrice. He ordered Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam to go for the rectification of this misdeed. He paid the refund for all those, even including the dogs, whose blood was shed. Not only this, but an additional amount also was given. (Sirat-un-Nabi Vol – I)

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