The Victory of Khyber

The Qabail and the communities who attacked Medina at the battle of Khandaq continued their encirclement for twenty two days with stonethrowing and showers of arrows . Khyber’s Jews also were there , and they

were the instigators of this attack. Hence, the Quraish promised the Jews of their support and help , provided they stand with them during the attack on Medina. After the battle, they did not rest but started preparing themselves for another attack on Medina.

For this, the Qabail-e-Gutfan also were made convinced. Guftans were the warriors of Arabs. The Jews of Khyber themselves also were great fighters and strong people. They were the wealthiest and the biggest traders of the Arabs. Khyber was a very safe place. There were six very strong forts viz. Salim, Qamus, Nattat, Qasara , Shaq and Marit where the armies were camping. This was a very fertile area. Dates were being produced in abundance. This Khyber was the biggest centre of the Jews in Arbastan. Due to these reasons, the Jews of Khyber were very proud of their power and strength, and they had determined to destroy Islam completely. When Huzur-e-Anwar ﷺ came to know that Khyber’s Jew wished to attack Medina with the help of Gutfan, he left for Khyber with sixteen hundred Sahabas. research of an English geographer indicates that the distance is 200 miles. The purpose of Islamic crusade is not the wealth or materialistic benefits but the commands of Almighty Allah. So, the Prophet ﷺ used to emphasis that the real war is that wherein only Allah, the Almighty’s commands are in the centre. Any rich person joining the crusade with the purpose of worldly benefits is not considered to be in the Jehad. In that battle, he declared that only those persons should join them who believe in the spread of Almighty’s commands. Wealth and fame should not at all be the aim. This declaration indicates that the crusade was not at all for the wealth or any worldly purpose. The aim was to bring the prodigals, the people who wished to demolish Islam with the power of their swords and those who had endangered the Islamic states, on the right path.

He appeared in the region of Khyber in Hijri 7 during the month of Muharram. Small flags were given to some of the Sahabas. The main flag was bestowed to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam

There is a place named, Sehba near Khyber, where Huzur ﷺ ordered the Sun to rise once more for Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam The Sun rose, and Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam offered the Namaz-e-Asr.

The happening of this miracle near Khyber alarmed the Jews that Huzur ﷺ was far higher than Hazrat Yusha AlahisSalam is because, the later only could prevent the Sun for some time from the setting, while the greatness of Huzur ﷺ in making the set Sunrise again. In spite of this, the Jews did not change their line of action. They were bent upon fighting with the Prophet ﷺ Now, Huzur ﷺ advised and inspired the Sahabas by his speech. The war started from the fort of Na’am, and very soon it was won. Besides, five other forts also were won very easily. But in the sixth fort, Kumus, there were many armies, and it was under the control of Sher-eYahud named Murahhib. He was a very famous athlete of Arabs. He was considered to be equal to one thousand warriors. It was a tough job to win over him. For many days the fight could not be won. Huzur ﷺ sent Hazrat Abu Bakr Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Umar Radiallahu anhoo to the battlefield, but this too did not bring victory. Now, Sher-e-Khuda AlahisSalam was inevitably required. Hence Huzur ﷺ said; the

Translation: Tomorrow, I will give the flag to one, from whose hand, Allah the Almighty will make us win and give victory. He is the friend and beloved of Allah.

Narrator’s statement indicates that the people passed the whole night anxiously waiting to know who was going to get the flag on the next day.

When it was morning, all the Sahaaba-e-kiram presented them in the service of Huzur-e-Akramﷺ with an expectation that the invaluable grace would be bestowed upon him. But, the Holy voice came to the ears, “Where is Ali?” People humbly said that Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam some problem with his eyes. But the Prophet ﷺ called him and applied the saliva from his mouth and prayed for him. The illness was removed at once. Then, the flag was given to him. He said, “Ya Rasulallalh , we will fight and convert them into Muslims.” The reply was, “Go with utmost ease, invite them to accept Islam and tell them that after being Muslims, certain rights will be given to them. By Allah, if one person even, is converted to Islam, the reward you will get is much more than that of a red camel.”

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam went near the fort and invited them to Islam. But the Jews responded with the swords. “Khyber knows that I am experienced, very courageous and well equipped with the arms.” In reply to this, the winner of Khyber recited Rijz.

Translation: I am the one to whom my mother named “Hyder” i.e. Lion and I am a brave warrior like the lion of the alluvial land .

The warrior had an iron helmet over which there was a stone. But a single attack of Sher-e-Khudald cut the stone, and the Hyderi sword reached up to his teeth cutting his head. The sound of the stroke went up to the army. When the warrior was killed, all the Jews, together, attacked Sher-e Khuda AlaihisSalam. But the Hyderi sword, shining like lightning, strike on them all, which ate up rows and rows of the soldiers’ army. The brave soldiers of Jews viz. Harish, Usser, Yasir, Aamir etc, too were killed. Sher-e Khuda AlaihisSalam went ahead and broke open the gate of Qumus, which was pride of Jews. At last, Khyber was won with wonderful bravery.

The command of truth, “Tomorrow I will give the flag who will get the victory by the grace of Allah. He is the friend and beloved of Allah and his messenger, were being uttered by the Holy Prophetimet

Beyond doubt, Maula Ali AlaihisSalam was the friend of Allah and his Prophet ﷺ and, the victory of Khyber was obtained by him. This was that significant and great victory which, once and for all, ended the large army and great force of Jews in the various regions of Arabia. Before the victory of Khyber, Islam was throbbing in a limited area, but after that, its barriers were broken, and it was spread in many regions. At the same time, it opened the gates of many victories during the time to come. As the victory over Mecca was acquired by the winners of Khyber, the victory of Khyber is related to all the future victories of Islam.

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