The Advent of Hukm-e-Torat on Yahud Qurayza and Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam management

Bani Qurayza was Yahud (Jews) of Medina and was staying at Awali, which is in the upper part of the city. Right from the beginning, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ entered into an agreement with him that he would not support the non-believers and promised them that in exchange of this, their property, people and faith would be in peace. But this betrayer community broke the agreement at the event of the battle of Khandaq(trench) and came into the battlefield to fight. When the armies of Quresh and Qabaile-Arab left the battlefield of Khandaq, they came to realize the consequences and shut the entrance after coming into their fort. Huzur ﷺ proceeded further for their encirclement and, the flag was given to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam The encirclement continued almost for a month. During the preMuhammadﷺ period, the Qabila of Qurayza and Hazrat Sa’ad-bin-Ma’az were the allied friends. On the basis of this, Qurayza proposed to Huzurkﷺ that whatever decision Sa’ad-bin-Ma’az would take for us, would be accepted by us. Huzurﷺ its agreed to it. Now, the order, the reference of which had already been made in Torat, had come that the Yahud of Awali will be kicked out of the battlefield by the Almighty and the limitations, according to Bani Israel’s book would be applied upon those, who, from them, fight against Huzurﷺ

Translation of 13th and 14th couplets of 23rd chapter of Safar-e-Tasina is as under:

(0 Yahud (Jews), your seniors will tell you) Allah, the Almighty will make the party of Nabiit the master of Awali and will kick those who would fight with them. And from them, those who fought with Nabist would be punished with the limitations that are prescribed in Bani Israel’s book.

It happened that Qurayza authorized Sa’ad bin Ma’az to take the decision, and from his side, this judgement was given:

Those who fight should be assassinated.
Children and ladies should be arrested.
Their assets and property should be confiscated.

The judgement of Torat says that when the enemies were shut in the fort, after taking their charge, these orders were implemented upon them.

The Jews, shut in the fort were aware of this judgement. So, when, Haibin-Akhtab, leader of one of the Jews, was brought to the place of assassination, said these words:

0, people! What is the need of any test for the order of Allah? This is Almighty’s command. It is from the book Torat. It is the judgement of life and death. It is that punishment which Allah has written for Bani Israel.

(Source: Ibn-e-Hussam)

It was a very difficult work to bring them out of the fort. Huzurﷺ allotted this work to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam. Janab-e-Amir acquired control over the fort,and they were brought out of the fort. Then, the commands of Torat were enforced on them.

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