Adventures of Sher-e-Khuda during the Ghazwa (battle of) -e – Badr

After the Hijrat of Rasul-e-Khuda ﷺ, the unbelievers of Mecca were burning with the fire of revenge, and their furry was out of control. They started to prepare themselves for the attack on Medina. One caravan of the financially empowered traders was dispatched towards Sham. The Quresh invested all their wealth with a view to trading and getting profit, which would be spent on the purchase of the material and weapons necessary for the war. During that time, some gossipers spread the rumours that the Muslims were coming to loot the traders’ caravan. As the Quresh heard this, their anger knew no bounds. An army of thousands of well-equipped warriors started moving towards Medina for the attack. This army included all the leaders of Quresh, including Abu Jahal. Only Abu Lahab could not join them due to his illness.

The Divine Message conveyed to Huzur-eAkramﷺ that he also should proceed towards facing the challenge with his three hundred thirteen warriors. Two flag-bearers one of whom was Sher-e-Khuda AlahisSalam were leading the battalion. When they reached near Badr, Huzur ﷺ asked Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam to take some sahaabas with him and make enquiries about the conspiracies and movement of the rivals. He performed the work with high involvement and delicacy.

On 2nd Ramadan of Hijri 2, the first war between Islam and the nonbelievers was fought. Utba, the commandant of Quresh Army (who was the maternal grandfather of Muavia) stepped into the battle-field with his brother Shiba and son Valid and challenged them for the war.

Three Ansars, Hazrat Abdullah bin Lavaha Radiallahu anhoo Hazrat Auf Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Muaz Radiallahu anhoo came forward to fight. Utba asked the name. When he came to know that they were Ansars, he said that they did not fight with the farmers. And it was said that it was below their dignity. He shouted and said, “O’ Mohammadﷺ , send the man of our match.” Huzur ﷺ called senior Ansars and sent Hazrat Hamza Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Ubeda bin Harish bin Abdul Muttalib to face the rivals. Utba came face to face to Hazrat Hamza but was killed. Valid attacked Sher-e-Khudat, but Hydery Sword (Shamshir-e-Hydery) sent him to the other world. Shiba attacked Hazrat Ubeda and made him terribly injured. But, Sher-e Khuda jumped and cut him into two pieces, lifted Hazrat Ubeda on his shoulder and brought him in front of Huzurﷺ. Now, burning with anger, the Quresh attacked openly. Muslims also into the siege of the enemies with the utterances of Nara-e-Taqbir. A furious battle was fought. Sher-e-Khudale turned down rows by rows. The Hyderi sword was moving in such a way that the opponents of religion were scattered. Wherever Sher-e-Khuda attacked, the whole battle-ground was empty. None had the courage to face him. Right from the beginning till the end of the war, Sher-e-Khuda tore the rows into pieces. From there, in the Hyderi style, he used to go to Huzurﷺ for his service. After serving the protection of the Prophetia, he used to return to face the non-believers. Hazrat Ali’s AlahisSalam great adventure was to serve Huzurﷺ and simultaneously attack the opponents of religion. This has been authenticated by Ibn-e sa’ad and Imam Baihaki. (Khaisul Kubra Suyuti, Part-I, Pg#200)

To appreciate Sher-e-Khuda’s outstanding victory in the Battle of Badr is a glorious and essential chapter of Islamic history. It was clearly seen that the Divine Power protected them by keeping Hazrat Gabriel with them.

Many other sources state that the same Divine Protection was provided to Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq. Hence, Hazrat Ali Murtaza ” says, “During

the battle, there was a Divine Message that with one, there is Hazrat Gabriel and with the other, Hazrat Mikail.”

(Khasaisul-Kubra Part-I, P-201 by Ahmed, Bazaz, Abu Yala, Hakim, Baihaki). In other battles also such Divine Planning was being made. Hence, after his sad demise, Saiyeduna Hazrat Imam Hasan AlahisSalam while addressing the historical speech (Khutba) had explained the above events in detail as under:

“O, brother! Yesterday they moved. Hence the previous folks could not overtake them, and the people following them would not reach to their destinations. Whenever the Prophet asked the troops to march towards the battlefield, he used to give the flag in his hands, so that, they would always return with a great victory. Gabriel used to be on his left side and Mikail on the right.” (Kanzul-Ummal Part I P-462)

Due to the glorious adventure of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam in the battle of Badr, his glaring impression had become very firm. And his image in the hearts of the unbelievers of Mecca was so strong that the Quresh poets instigated people in their poetry to crucify the servants of Allah. In this movement, they used to write poems and songs which would inspire them with a patriotic spirit. The meanings some of Asad bin Ayas’ poetry are preserved in Usud-ul-Gaba which, lightened the spirit of youth in the youngsters of Quresh.

“The son of Fatima binte Asad (Hazrat Ali’s mother’s name was Fatima binte Asad) has insulted and humiliated you in every possible manner. Though he is still quite a young man, he ruined the whole of your community. How badly he has killed you. You were trying to save yourself, hiding and escaping here and there. What a great folly you have committed. They have destroyed the leaders and protectors of your community who were solving all types of your problems, were the people whose existence added to the glory of the Wadi-e-Bataha, and his sword did not spare anyone.”

Hazrat Ali Sher-e-Khuda AlahisSalam and Hazrat Hamza’s incomparable courageous gave shameful defeat to thousands Kuffar-e-Quresh. Seventy honourable and great Quresh personalities were killed, and seventy were arrested. They could get an exorbitant treasure. Sher-e-Khuda AlahisSalam received a sword, armour and a camel as his share.

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