Hazrat Inayat Shah Qadri Shatari (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)


Inayat Shah Qadri Shatari also called Inayat Shah was a Sufi saint of the breed – Shatari Qadiri (series), who lived in Qasur in the Punjab region in Pakistan at the present time. Inayat Shah Qadri is famous as a spiritual guide of the poet Bulleh Shah, Punjabi.Inayat Shah, the property of the community den and got a living by farming or gardening. Also lived in Kasur for some time but due to the hostility of the governor of Kasur, he moved to Lahore and stayed there until the end of his life.Bulleh Shah belonged main spiritual guide or Shah Inayat, a school Shattari Qadriyya: known for its close proximity with yoga meditation and other practices.One day he has some rich man, but fear of God deposited a great deal of wealth with Shah Inayat with the supplication that he should be distributed among the people in need. Said Inayat Shah, Bulleh Shah, “the distribution of this wealth among the poor and the needy, according to the law of God.”A crowd of needy people who gathered in the spot hoping to get something. Bulleh Shah said one of them to take everything and the rest gave nothing. This decision caused a stir and people began to complain and agitate. Inayat Shah was very puzzled by this decision.Bulleh Shah admonishingly asked to explain what he did. Shah said Bulleh, ‘You told me to distribute the wealth according to God’s law. I did exactly that. Just take a look around. There are a few people rich and the vast majority of the poor and disadvantaged. So, I followed the divine law, who works in this world.The tomb of Shah Inayat Qadiri. Located the tomb of Shah Inayat Qadri on Queens Road Lahore. Thousands of worshipers from all over Pakistan attend the Urs light, and provides the orator and poet of the century, 16 and 17. And Hazrat Shah Inayat was a religious scholar and spiritual leader, the author of several books on Sufism. Dasturul hope, hope Islahul, Lataif mail Ghaibya Ishartul and the Taliban, and popular books. The spiritual leader of the Punjabi poets and saints Baba Bulleh Shah and Waris Shah. He was born in 1646 and died in 1728. Inayat Shah lived in Lahore, so he also called Shah Inayat Lahori. It belongs to the family den and was a farmer. Qasur also lived for some time, but later moved to Lahore.


Baba Shah Inayat Qadiri Shatari (Punjabi: شاه عنایت قادري , also called Enayat Shah (1643–1728) was a Sufi scholar and saint of the Qadiri-Shatari silsila (lineage). Shah Inayat Qadiri is famous as the spiritual guide of the universal Punjabi poets Bulleh Shah and Waris Shah.

Baba is an honorific term used as a sign of respect to Sufi saints. It is a term similar to “father” or “wise old man”. Shah is another honorific referring to a king. Inayat is an Islamic male first name. Qadiri is an Islamic surname. Shatari or Shattari refers to a tariqah, a Sufi mystical order.

Shah Inayat is remembered as a preacher, a religious scholar, a philosopher and a saint. Shah Inayat was a scholar of mysticism. He wrote mostly in Persian. His works include:

Dasturul Amal
Islahul Amal
Lataif-e-Ghaibya, and
Ishartul Taliban

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