Quran and Modern Science :: DUE MEASURE IN RAIN

11- And He is the One who sends down water in due measure from the sky, to revive dead lands therewith. Similarly
you will be raised.
43-Vanity, 11

Rain is one of the gifts of God to man. In the verse above, God says
that the rain has its own mathematics and that it is sent according to
“due measure.” Water on earth is subject to an impeccable process
and passes in due order from the state of liquid to the state of gas and
solid. It has a marvellous balancing power, as it balances energy while
satisfying the vital needs of the living being.
You would not have gotten an answer if you were, a century back,
to ask a scientist whose field of interest was rainfall in particular, “Is
there a measure in the rainfall; can it be quantified?” Being ignorant
of the meteorological phenomena going on in every part of the world,
the scientist would not have been in a position to say anything on the
issue. The Quran told us 1400 years ago that the rainfall had a certain
measure. Research conducted in the last century revealed the process
of rainfall, shedding light over the cycling characteristics of water.
One of the facts discovered was that the earth’s annual rainfall was
always of the same amount. The amount per second varied between
16-17 million tons. Thus, the amount of rain falling was above 500
trillion tons a year while an equal amount evaporated. These yearly
values remain constant. This constancy was of great significance in
establishing the ecological balance of the world. The scientist of a few
centuries back could not have estimated the amount of the rainfall in
the region where he lived since the precipitation yearly changed according to region. He might have concluded, therefore, that rain is
not quantifiable.


The rainfall and cycle of water involve complicated calculations. To
give you an example, researchers were curious to know the reason for
the maximum temperature of the upper portion of the tropical ozone
layer which was maximum 28 degrees Celsius, despite the sun’s continual warming of the water. Their research produced the following
finding: the factor that prevented the overheating of the ozone layer
in warmer regions was not merely water vapor, but at the same time
the shadow cast by clouds. In the shade, the temperature dropped.
The shield prevented the earth from overheating. Water vapor also
exerts a greenhouse effect. Along with carbon dioxide, methane and
other gases, it creates an invisible insulation layer in the atmosphere.
This layer prevents the totality of every radiation coming down on
earth under normal conditions from getting lost in the space where
cold is reigning. Water vapor forms 60% of the “natural greenhouse
effect,” making the basic climate of the earth relatively warm. All these
things are finely calculated; we can gain an insight into this if we
examine the greenhouse clouds revolving around the planet Venus.
The dense clouds muffle it, so that only half of the sun’s rays reach it.
The quantity of 97% carbon dioxide there creates a super greenhouse
effect and the temperature rises up to 500 degrees Celsius. This temperature far exceeds the temperature range in which man can live. The
water cycle on earth, passing through the states of liquid, cloud and
water vapor, is calculated with precision.
In contradistinction with the general properties of water, the
clouds do not freeze, even at a temperature of – 30 degrees Celsius.
As it is stated in the Quran, there are masses of clouds as large as
mountains, but they do not freeze into mountains of ice to fall upon
the earth. Had it not been for this precise calculation in the formation
of clouds and the rainfall and for the ideal arrangement of the chemical composition of water by its Creator, the system would certainly
not function.
When we throw an object of a few kilograms from a balcony, we
can follow its descent. If we empty a large pan full of water from the balcony, we can observe the splash on the ground. The fall of tons of
water from above, thanks to God’s programming, is so arranged that
water coming down in drops from above is a blessing rather than a
natural disaster. This is the wonderful artistry in the physical rules
imposed by God. Such a balancing of acceleration is definable in physical formulas. This definability, this calculation is due to God’s creation of rain in “due measure.”


In the same verse, God speaks of the rain’s regenerative power. It is a
well-known fact that dry land is revitalized by rain and the vegetation
becomes lush once again. The basic element of the animate being is
DNA in which the hydrogen bonds keep changing, perpetuating life.
This hydrogen is exchanged with the hydrogen that emerges during
the ionization of water. A dehydrated living being is like a frozen
skeleton even though it may preserve its DNA and genetic code; it
cannot reproduce or move. Only when the water comes up and lends
the hydrogen from its disintegrated ions can the code be activated.
Such characteristics can be observed in living microorganisms like
microbes. The more developed living beings cannot recover their
vitality when fresh water is supplied, as their tissue surfaces have
already deteriorated. Rain is thus the source of regeneration of plants
and bacteria. The last sentence of the verse that reads: “Similarly you
will be raised” evokes the following association in our mind: God
sends down rain in predetermined amounts, by which plants and bacteria that are near death are resuscitated. The rising of man from the
dead is no problem for God, who knows the measure of all things.
God, who devised the system of regeneration of plants and bacteria
through a well-calculated amount of rain, will raise man from the dead
according to the measures and knowledge in His wisdom. The sprouting of vegetation from the dead soil is something our eyes behold.
What we see is the evidence of the facility by which our Creator will
re-create His creation whose measure, calculation and formula are
known only to Him.

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