Imam Ali quotes in Fairness, Justice, and Extremism

1- “The people of this nation will split into seventy three sects. The worst among them is one that poses to love us and abandons our orders.”

Al-Ahadith Al-Muntaqat by Ibn Dayzeel p. 96

2- “There will be those that love me until they enter hellfire due to their love for me, and others that would hate me until they enter hellfire due to their hatred of me.”

Al-Sunnah by Ibn Abi Asim (983)

3- “Two groups of people, in relation to me, will be destroyed: an excessive lover and an excessive hater.”

Al-Sunnah by Ibn Abi Asim (984)

4- “There are three types of judges: Two in Hellfire and one in Heaven. The judges in hellfire are a deliberately unfair judge and a judge who sought justice but brought error. The other is one who wants justice and attains it, and he is in Heaven.” When asked about the type that intended justice but erred, he replied: “One who does not know how to judge should not be a judge.”

Al-Musannaf by Ibn Abi Shayba (22963)

5- He said to Abu Musa before the arbitration, “Make your ruling, even (if you decide) upon striking my neck.”

Ibn Abi Shayba in Al-Musannaf (37853)


Muslim Founders of Mathematics

muslimheritage-muslim-founders-of-mathematics-geometry-0The 7th to the 13th century was the golden age of Muslim learning.

In mathematics they contributed and invented the present arithmetical decimal system and the fundamental operations connected with it: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, and extracting the root.

They also introduced the ‘zero’ concept to the world. Some of the famous mathematicians of Islam are:

AL-KHWARIZMI (780 – 850 CE)muslim_founders_mathematics_02

Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi, the father of algebra, was a mathematician and astronomer. It is generally assumed that Al-Khwarizmi was born around 780 CE in the town of Kath in the oasis of Khorzen. Kath is now buried in the sand. Al-Khwarizmi was summoned to Baghdad by Al-Mamun and appointed court astronomer. From the title of his work, Hisab Al-Jabr wal Mugabalah (Book of Calculations, Restoration and

Reduction), Algebra (Al-Jabr) derived its name.

A Latin translation of a Muslim arithmetic text was discovered in 1857 CE at the University of Cambridge library. Entitled ‘Algoritimi de Numero Indorum’, the work opens with the words: ‘Spoken has Algoritimi. Let us give deserved praise to God, our Leader and Defender’. It is believed that this is a copy of Al-Khowarizmi’s arithmetic text which was translated into Latin in the twelfth century by an English scholar. Al-Khowarizmi left his name to the history of mathematics in the form of Algorism (the old name for arithmetic).

Al-Khowarizmi emphasised that he wrote his algebra book to serve the practical needs of the people concerning matters of inheritance, legacies, partition, lawsuits and commerce.

In the twelfth century Gerard of Cremona and Roberts of Chester translated the algebra of Al-Khowarizmi into Latin. Mathematicians used it all over the world until the sixteenth century.

AL-KINDI (801-873 CE)muslim_founders_mathematics_03

Abu Yusuf Yaqub Ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi, was born around 801 CE in Kufa during the governership of his father.

The surname indicates ancestry in the royal tribe of Kindah of Yemenite origin. To his people he became known as Faylasuf Al-Arab (the philosopher of the Arabs) the first one in Islam.

Among his contributions to arithmetic, Al-Kindi wrote eleven texts on numbers and numerical analysis.


Abu Bakr ibn Hussein was born in Kharkh, a suburb of Baghdad. His works covered arithmetic, algebra and geometry. His book ‘Al-Kafi fi Al-Hisab’ (Essentials of Arithmetic) covers the rules of computation. His second book, ‘Al- Fakhri’ derived its name from Al- Kharki’s friend, the Grand Vizier of Baghdad.

Al-BATTANI (850-929 CE)muslim_founders_mathematics_04

Muhammad Ibn Jabir Ibn Sinan Abu Abdullah, the father of trigonometry, was born in Battan, Mesopotamia and died in Damascus in 929 CE.

An Arab prince and governor of Syria, he is considered to be the greatest Muslim astronomer and mathematician.

Al-Battani raised trigonometry to higher levels and computed the first table of cotangents.

AL-BIRUNI (973-1050 CE)muslim_founders_mathematics_05

Al-Biruni was among those who laid the foundation for modern trigonometry. He was a philosopher, geographer, astronomer, physicist and mathematician. Six hundred years before Galileo, Al-Biruni discussed the theory of the earth rotating about its own axis.

Al-Biruni carried out geodesic measurements and determined the earth’s circumference in a most ingenious way. With the aid of mathematics, he enabled the direction of the Qibla to be determined from anywhere in the world.

In the domain of trigonometry, the theory of the functions; sine, cosine, and tangent was developed by Muslim scholars of the tenth century. Muslim scholars worked diligently in the development of plane and spherical trigonometry. The, trigonometry of Muslims is based on Ptolemy’s theorem but is superior in two important respects: it employs the sine where Ptolemy used the chord and is in algebraic instead of geometric form.


Start the day with dhikr


Huwa Rabbul ‘Arshil-‘Adheem 

Allah is sufficient for me . There is none worthy of worship but Him . I have placed my trust in Him, He is Lord of the Majestic Throne.

Allah will grant whoever recites it 7 times in the morning or evening whatever he desires from this world or the next – Hadith in Abu Dawood Shareef

Ek Bohot Nek Aur Parhezgaar Aurat rehti thi..


Ek Bohot Nek Aur Parhezgaar Aurat rehti thi..
Usne Apne 6 saal k masum Bacche ki
bohot Achi Tarbiyat ki thi.
Usko sikhaya tha k,
Dene wali Zaat sirff Allah ki Hai
Namaz Se Allah ki madad hassil kro..
Ek Din Dophar me uska beta school se ghar aaya…
Mizan : Assalamaualikum Ammijan 
Maa : walekumasslam Beta  
Mizan : Ammijan mujhe bohot zor ki bhook lagg rhi hai,
Jaldi se khana dijiye na 
Maa : mizan beta,
maine aapko kitni baar samjhaya hai k,
Hum Musalman hai
Aur Musalmaan Makhlooq se nahi
Allah se maange hai 
Agar aapko khana chahiye tho
jao wuzu kro,
Zohar ki Namaz
ada kro Aur Allah se khana maango 
In sha Allah
Allah Zaroor khana dege  
Mizan : Ji Ammijan..(kehte hue mizan muskurata hua andar gya wuzu kiya Aur Jahanamz bicha kr…
Namaz ada krne laga..
itne me maa kitchen me gayi khana banaya aur Andar Room me dastar pe lagakr hall me aagayi…
Yaha Hall me mizaan apne chote chote masoom haatho se Allah se Dua kr rha tha k,
Ya Allah
Mujhe bohot zor ki bhook lagg rhi hai ji..
Plz ap khana de dijiye…
Dua krte krte uske Aankho se Aansu bhi aarahe thy..
Ye saara Manzar dekh uski
Maa k Aankho me bhi Aansu
aagaye….Uski Maa ne piche se Aawaz di,
Maa : Beta Mizan,
Aajao Allah ne khana bhej diya hai
Aapki Dua Qabool hui  
Mizan(wipes his Tears & Smiles) :
Ammijan kaha hai khana ?
Ammi : Jao Room me hai khana
(mizan Room k andar aaya dekha Dastar laga hua hai,
khush hua Aur Bismillah bolkr khana shuru kr diya..

Abb ye uska Rozana ki Aadat bann thi…wo school se aata Namaz ada krta
Aur Allah se khana maangta yaha uske Ammi… uss Room me dastar lagwa detey..)
Bacche ka Imaan bann gya tha k,
Allah hi khana detey 
Lekin Ek Din bacche k Ammi kisi Ristedaar k ghar chale gaye thy..
Unhe waqt ka khayal naa rha
Jaise ghadi dekhi..
Unko khayal aaya k Bacche ki
school chutne ka waqt hai,
wo Bechaain hogyi
wo Allah se Dua krte hue jaldi jaldi ghar ki taraf aane nikle
unhe maalum tha k,
Baccha school se ghar aatey hi,
Namaz ada krega Aur Allah se khana mangega
Aur Agar Aaj usko Wo Room
me khana nai milega tho
uska Bharosa Allah ki Zaat se uthh jaiyega
Bechari maa ne bohot mehnat se apne baccha ka Yakin banaya tha k,
Deni wali Zaat sirff o sirff Allah ki hai
usne Dono haath Aasman ki Taraf uthaye aur Rootey hue Dua krne lagi k,
Yaa Elahi
Ya Mere Allah,
Aaj Maa ki Muhabbat ka masla nahi……..Aaj Masla Teri Zaat k Yakeen ka hai ;( ;(
Aaj Sawal mere betey k Imaan
ka hai
Allah Aaj agar mere bacche ko
khana Naa mila to uska Teri Zaat
se Yakeen uthh jaiyega
Rote hue Dua krti
Maa Daudi hui ghar Aayi,
Darwaza khola tho Dekha Beta Bistar pe Aaram kr rha hai  
Maa ne apne betey ko goudd me utha liya
muhabbat k saath Seene se
maa ka kaleja bhar aaya kaha,
Ammi : Beta,
Aap Din din bhar se bhooka hoge na ?
Mai abhi khana bana deti hu
Ammijan aap kwnsi bhook ki baat krti ho aap
Maine tho khana kha liya 
Ammi : Beta maine pakayi nai
phr tune kahase le liya khana 
Mizan(badi masumiyat se) :
Jaha se rozana leta waha
se liya khana
Lekin Aaj Allah ne khoob khilaye
Ammijan aapko kya batau
6 saal hogye mujhe khana khate hue
kbhi mujhe itna maza nai
aaya jitna aaj ka khana
khate hue aaya,,,
Ammijan khane me na ji,
Biryaani thi sharbat tha mewe thy,
Aur itna sb kuch tha na
mai bata nai skta
Aaj mere Allah ne bohot khilaya mujhe
Ye dekho mere haatho se
abhi bhi khane ki khusbu
Aarahi hai 
uske Ammi ne uske haatho ki khusbu suni
itni achi khusbu unhone
zindagi me kbhi nai suni
Unhone uss Room me jaakr dekha
wo Room me Noor sa aagaya tha
aur wo Room bhi khusbu se mahek rha tha…wo Nek Aur Deendar Aurat thi samaj gyi k,
Allah ki Tarah se jannat Dastar utra tha uske ghar fauran sajde me gir gyi Aur Allah ka shukr Ada kiya k,
Allah ne uski Dua Qabool krli
Aur uske betey k Imaan ki
Hifazat ki…
Wo jaanti thi k,
Allah Kamaal e Kudrat
Kamaal e Hikmat ke
maalik hai
wo Deney wale hai
Jisse chache
Jb chahye

Jo chahey de de