Imam Hasan and Hussain Alahissalam



Whoever Loves Hasan and Husayn has indeed Loved me, and Whoever hates them has indeed hated me.


Ibn Majah in Sunan, V.1 p.51#143.


O Allah! I Love them [Hasan… and Husayn], you also Love them and love those who Love Them.


Tirmidhi, V.5 p,657 #3772.


The Messenger of Allah (salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said,


Husayn is from me and I am from Husayn; Allah loves those who love Husayn.


– Recorded by Imam Bukhari (al-Adab al-Mufrad), al-Tirmidhi (Sunan) and Imam Ahmad (Musnad).


This hadith is displayed next to the entrance of Masjid Sayyidina Husayn (radi Allahu anhu) in Cairo, Egypt


Imam Ahmed’s 10 golden advices to his son on his wedding day


Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal’s advice to his son on his Nikkah day:

Dear son, you will not attain good fortune in your home except by 10 characteristics which you show to your wife, so remember them and be enthusiastic in acting upon them.

As for the first two; women like attention and they like to be told clearly that they are loved. So don’t be stingy in expressing your love for your wife. If you become limited in expressing your love, you will create a barrier of harshness between you and her, and there will be a decrease in affection.

3. Ladies hate a strict, overcautious man, yet they seek to use the soft vulnerable one. So use each quality appropriately. This will be more appealing for love and it will bring you peace of mind.

4. Ladies like from their husbands what their husbands like from them, i.e. kind words, good looks, clean clothes and a pleasant odour. Therefore, always remain in that state.

5, Indeed, the house is under the sovereignty of the woman. While she remains therein, she feels that she is sitting upon her throne, and that she is the chief of the house. Stay clear of destroying this kingdom of hers and do not ever attempt to dethrone her, otherwise you will be trying to snatch her sovereignty. A king gets most angry at he who tries to strip him of his authority, even if he portrays to show something else.

6. A woman wants to love her husband, but at the same time she does not want to lose her family. So do not put yourself and her family in the same scale, because then her choice will be down to either you or her family. And even if she does choose you over her family, she will remain in anxiety, which will then turn into hatred towards you in your daily life.
Sakina~ ﺳﻜﻴﻨﺔ:

7. Surely woman has been created from a curved rib, and this is the secret of her beauty, and the secret of the attraction towards her. And this is no defect in her, because ‘the eyebrows look beautiful due to them being curved’. So if she errs, do not rebuke her in a manner in which there is no gentleness, attempting to straighten her; otherwise you will simply break her and her breaking, is her divorce. At the same time do not let her off upon that mistake, otherwise her crookedness will increase and she will become arrogant with her ego. Thereafter, she will never soften for you and she won’t listen to you, so stay in between the two.

8. It is in the women’s nature to be ungrateful towards their husbands and to deny favours. If you were to be nice to her for her whole life but you grieved her once, she will say, “I have never seen any good from you”. So don’t let this attitude of her make you dislike her or to run away from her. If you dislike this feature of hers, you will be pleased with some other good habits within her, so create a balance.

9. Surely there are times when a woman goes through some conditions of bodily weakness and fatigue of the mind. Such that Allah has relieved her of some of her compulsory worships during that period; Allah has totally pardoned her from praying, and has postponed the days of fasting for her within this break to a later date until she regains her health and becomes normal in her temperament once more. Thus, during these days, treat her in a goodly manner. Just as Allah has relieved her of the duties, you should also lessen your demands and instructions from her during those days.

10. Last but not least, know that a woman is like a captive with you. Therefore, have mercy upon her…

May Allah Azzawajal give us the ability to act through this advice. Aamin.


SERMON 61 and 62

ومن كلام له (عليه السلام)
لمّا خُوِّف من الغيلة

وَإِنَّ عَلَيَّ مِنَ اللهِ جُنَّةً  حَصِينةً، فَإِذَا جَاءَ يَوْمِي انْفَرَجَتْ عَنِّي وَأَسْلَمَتْنِي; فَحِينَئِذ لاَ يَطِيشُ السَّهْمُ ، وَلاَ يَبْرَأُ الْكَلْمُ .

When Amir al-mu’minin was warned of being killed by deceit, he said:

Surely, there is a strong shield of Allah over me. When my day would come it would get away from me and hand me over to death. At that time neither an arrow would go amiss nor a wound would heal up.

ومن خطبة له (عليه السلام)
[يحذر من فتنة الدنيا]

أَلاَ وإنَّ الدُّنْيَا دَارٌ لاَ يُسْلَمُ مِنْهَا إِلاَّ فِيهَا، وَلاَ يُنْجَى بِشَيْء كَانَ لَهَا، ابْتُلِيَ النَّاسُ بِهَا فِتْنَةً، فَمَا أَخَذُوهُ مِنْهَا لَهَا أُخْرِجُوا مِنْهُ وَحُوسِبُوا عَلَيْهِ، وَمَا أَخَذُوهُ مِنْهَا لِغَيْرِهَا قَدِمُوا عَلَيْهِ وَأَقَامُوا فِيهِ; فَإِنَّهَا عِنْدَ ذَوِي الْعُقُولِ كَفَيْءِ الظِّلِّ، بِيْنَا تَرَاهُ سَابِغاً  حَتَّى قَلَصَ ، وَزَائِداً حَتَّى نَقَصَ.

About the transience of the world
Beware ! surely this world is a place from which protection cannot be sought except while one is in it. The action which is performed only for this world cannot secure salvation.

People are tested in it through calamities. Those who have taken worldly pleasures here will be taken out from them (by death) and will be questioned about them. And whatever (good actions) they have achieved for the other world, they will get them there and stay in them. 

For the intelligent this world is like the shade – one moment it is spread out and extended but soon it shrinks and contracts.

फ़रिश्तों का ग़मे हुसैन में रोना”

“फ़रिश्तों का ग़मे हुसैन में रोना”

हज़रत ग़ौसे आज़म रहमतुल्लाह अलैह फ़रमाते हैं हज़रते उसामा ने हज़रते इमाम जाफ़र सादिक़ अलैहिस्सलाम से रिवायत फ़रमाया की जिस दिन हज़रत इमामे हुसैन अलैहिस्सलाम शहीद हुए उस दिन से 70,000 फ़रिश्ते उनकी मज़ार पर उतरे हैं और वो उन पर क़यामत तक रोते रहेंगे.

हवाला :- शाम ए कर्बला सफ़ह 335

हज़रत बाबा फ़रीद गंजे शकर रहमतुल्लाह अलैह फ़रमाते हैं क्या तुझे मालूम नही आशूर में हुज़ूर सरवरे दो आलम पर क्या गुज़री आपके फ़रज़न्द को कितनी बेरहमी से भूखा प्यासा शहीद किया गया उन बदबख्तों ने अल्लाह के प्यारों को पानी का एक क़तरा तक न दिया ये कहते कहते एक चीख़ निकली और बेहोश हो कर गिर पड़े,जब होश में आए तो फ़रमाया (वो ज़ालिम) संग दिल काफ़िर बे-आक़बत न-फ़रमान बे-सआदत थे हालांकि उन्हें ख़ूब मालूम था की ये दीन दुनिया और आख़िरत के बादशाह के फ़रज़न्द (बेटे) हैं फिर भी उन्हें बड़ी बेरहमी से शहीद किया और उन्हें ये ख़्याल न आया की कल क़यामत के रोज़ ख़्वाजा ए आलम सल्लल्लाहो अलैहे व आलेही व सल्लम को क्या मुहँ दिखाएंगे

हवाला :- राहत अल क़ुलूब सफ़ह 57

हज़रत अमीर ख़ुसरो फ़रमाते हैं कि अय्याम ए मोहर्रम की 5 वी तारीख़ में मैं हज़रत निज़ामुद्दीन औलिया की ख़िदमत में हाज़िर हुआ , हज़रते निज़ामुद्दीन औलिया ज़िक्रे शोहदा ए कर्बला करते हुए तेज़ तेज़ रोने लगे और फ़रमाते की हज़रते सैय्यद फ़ातिमा सलामुल्लाह अलैहा के बच्चों का हाल सबको मालूम है ज़ालिमों ने किस तरह दश्त ए कर्बला में उन्हें भूखा प्यासा शहीद किया,इमामे हुसैन अलैहिस्सलाम की शहादत के दिन सारा जहान तीर ओ तार हो गया, बिजली चमकने लगी, आसमानो ज़मीन जुम्बिश करने लगे, फ़रिश्ते हैरत में थे बार बार हक़ तआला से इजाज़त मांग रहे थे कि हुक्म हो तो इन ज़ालिमों को तबाह ओ बर्बाद कर दिया जाए, हुक्म होता है की नही इससे कुछ वास्ता नही तक़दीर यूँ ही है मैं जानू और मेरा दोस्त “हुसैन” जाने,तुम्हारा इसमे दख़ल नही, क़यामत के रोज़ मैं इन ज़ालिमों के बारे में अपने दोस्त “हुसैन” से फ़ैसला करवाऊंगा जो कुछ वो कहेगा उसी के मुताबिक़ होगा

हवाला :- शाम ए कर्बला सफ़ह 336

Khuda ko manne se Imaan nahi banta!

Khuda ko manne se Imaan nahi banta!

“Agar aap kehte hain Khuda ko manna Imaan hai to hindu bhi Khuda ko maante hain. To kya wo momin hue? Aap kahenge nahi ji kyunki wo to hazaro khudao ko maante hain. To fir mai kehta hun Isayi bhi Khuda ko maante hain. Aap kahenge nahi wo to 3 khuda maante hain. Aaiye fir mai batata hun Yahudi Khuda ko maante hain aur wo Ek maante hain! Agar Khuda ko maanne se banda momin banta hai aur Khuda ko Ek maanne se momin banta hai, to yahudi ko momin kahe bagair chara nahi hai! To mujhse puchiye fir Kisko maanne se Imaan hota hai? Khuda ki Qasam! Khuda ko maanne se Imaan NAHI banta, PEHLE Mustafa ko Maanne se Imaan banta hai!
Sahih Bukhari ne Hadees hai Aaqa SallAllahu Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam Kohe Safa par khade hain pahad par Shehar-e-Makka me. Quraish-e-Makka, kuffar, mushrikeen sabko bula liya. Mai MAANNE ki baat samjha raha hun. Aaqa SallAllahu Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam ne farmaya logo agar Mai tumse ye kahun ke is pahad ke piche se lashkat aaraha hai aur tumpar hamla kardega, to kya Meri Baat Maanloge? Kya farmaya? “Meri Baat MAANLOGE?” kuffar aur mushrikeen ne kaha: Haan Ay Muhammad (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam) hum Aapki baat maanlenge! Aaqa SallAllahu Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam ne pucha: “Kaise maanloge? tumne to lashkar dekha he nahi. To dekhe bagair kaise maanloge?”
Unhone jawab diya: Lashkar ko to nahi dekha! Magar Ay Muhammad bin Abdullah Tumko to dekha hai! 40 baras dekha hai! Aapki Zubaan-e-Mubarak se kabhi jhoot nahi suna! Aapko dekha hai Aapko Sachha maante hain! Lashkar dekhe ya na dekhen, bin dekhe bhi Aapne kehdiya lashkar hai, hum maanlenge! kyu? Aapko maante hain ke Aap Sachhe hain!

Jab Aaqa SallAllahu Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam ne unka ye jawab suna to uspar farmaya: Logo! Jis tarah Mujhe Maankar bindekhe lashkar ko maan rahe ho, isi tarah Mujhe Maankar bin dekhe Khuda ko maanlo Jisne Mujhe bheja hai! Daleel suniye ke Tajdar-e-Kainat ne kya di! Farmaya Mujhe sachha maankar bindekhe lashkar ko maan rahe ho, isi tarah Mujhe Sachha maankar bindekhe Khuda ko maanlo! So jinhone Mustafa ko is baat me maanliya wo Abu Bakr o Umar hogaye wo Ali hogaye wo Usman-e-Gani hogaye, wo Momin hogaye! Aur jinhone Khuda ko maana magar apni aqal aur tarike se, wo abu jahal, abu lahab kafir aur mushreek rehgaye!”

SallAllahu Alaihi wa Ala Aalihi wa Sahbihi wa Baarik wa Sallim

-Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri

Allahumma Salle Ala Sayyedina wa Maulana Muhammadiw wa Ala Aalihi wa Sahbihi wa Baarik wa Sallim.