Hazrat Abu Ubayd al-Thaqafi r.a

Hazrat Abū ‘Ubayd ibn Mas’ūd ibn ‘Amr ibn ‘Umayd ibn ‘Awf al-Thaqafī (also al-Thaqīfī) (Arabic: أبو عبيد بن مسعود بن عمرو بن عمير بن عوف الثقفی‎), or simply Abu Ubayd (أبو عبيد), was a commander in the army of the Rashidun Caliphate. He was from Ta’if in western Arabia,[1]and belonged to the tribe Banu Thaqif.

historical event

Al-Muthanna, commander of the Muslim Arabs in al-Hira, had asked Abu Bakr and later Caliph Umar for reinforcements against Sasanians in Mesopotamia, who were fighting him back. Umar chose Abu Ubayd who volunteered first, although he was not among the Muhajirun or Ansar (the Companions of Muhammad),[2] and dispatched him. Abu Ubayd arranged a force of 1,000 from his Thaqif tribe and increased his numbers in the way north.[3] He took over command from al-Muthanna for the second time, becoming commander of the forces in al-Hira region.[4] The combined Arab forces conducted raiding in the plains between al-Hira and Ctesiphon (the Sawad). The Battle of the Bridge or the Battle of al-Jisr was a battle at the bank of the Euphrates river between Arab Muslims led by Abu Ubaid al-Thaqafi, and the Persian Sasanian forces led by Bahman Jaduya.

In this battle hazrat Abu Ubaid al-Thaqafi attain shahdat.

battle between Sasanians and Arab Muslims