Although the people, assembled to listen to his speeches were of different conditions and states of mind, the commendable feature of his speech was such that everyone though our Saint was directing his attention towards him and referring to his desires and expectations. In this way every one was benefitted and satisfied that his main purpose was achieved.

Incident of Four Devotees with different requests satisfied by one speech of Sarkar Waris addressed to the gathering:

Once four devotees of different minds with different objects paid a visit to Sarkar Waris and never openly expressed their personal difficulties. But our Saint addressing their said, “whoever trusts God, surely he helps them. You remain today but tomorrow you will depart,” The four devotees took leave of him but were pleased with his speech. When asked the reason for their happiness, the first one said that this case was pending in High Court and he had come in this connection wondering whether he would be successful. The second came to clear some tenets of Islam with which he differed. The third one wanted some formula for the invocation of God and the fourth wanted to know the truth of the unity of God. As such each was happy in obtaining his object. Later the four devotees were benefitted: the first won the court case the seconds doubts on tenets of Islam were cleared the third continued invocation of God; and the fourth realized the truth of unity of God. The glory of our Saint’s ordinary words conveyed the meaning to each and everyone according to their desires. In his off-hand speeches there was a streak of spirituality which uprooted the selfishness and ill-feelings from the hearts of his disciples.

Another exalted symptom of his talk was that he addressed his disciples in their absence and it was heard in their respective places.

Once after sunset Sarkar Waris uttered spontaneously, “Read! Ya Basit’ when there was nobody with him. His biographer heard this and wondered what it meant, carefully nothing the date of its utterance. A few days later Choudhery Khuda Bakhsh Saheb, contractor and resident of Ottawa came to pay his respects to our Saint. Being on old devotee the biographer, enquired about his business and why he came? The Choudhery related that prior to this he was sunk deep in debt. So on a particular day after the evening prayer he was thinking of our Saint entirely absorbed in contemplation and heard our Saint’s injunction to repeat “Ya Basit” and from that time his monetary conditions had completely changed, for the better. Our Saint clearly declared “Anyone who reads with conviction “Ya-Basitu” will never come into straitened circumstances.


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