Ahl al-Bait:part 2

The Best Household among all:

According to A’ysha The Messenger of Allah said that Gabriel said: ‘I have searched and scrutinized the eastern and western regions of the earth, and I have not discovered any man more excellent than Muhammad, nor I have seen any house more excellent than the Household of Banu Hashim.”

Reported by Tabarani in Mu’jm al-Awsat-6285.

Allah intends to purify the Household of Prophet:

‘Allah only intends to remove all the impurity of sins from you, O People of the House (of the Prophet, [even a doubt or trace of shortcoming]) and make you absolutely pure and clean by blessing you with (perfect) purityand wholesomeness.’


The compulsion of love of Ahl al-Bait for Imaan:

According to Abbas bin Abd’ al-Muttalib, The Messenger of Allah said: ‘By the one who holds my life in his hand, The Faith will not enter a person’s heart until they love you for the sake of Allah and His Messenger.’

Reported by Ahmad in al-Musnad-1772.


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