A lover is one who regards a beloved more than his life. He is always lost in contemplation of his Beloved and looks sorrowful in a moment’s separation.

It is necessary for a lover never to complain even if his head is cut because the murderer is not a stranger. A lover is one in whose breath the remembrance of his beloved is audible.

A beloved’s oppression is his loyalty it is necessary for a lover to be obedient to his beloved; he should be helpless before his beloved just like a corpse in the hands of an undertaker. The symptom of real love is that a lover should constantly invoke the name his beloved and even for a moment should not be indifferent and,forget his beloved otherwise that would be the last journey of his life.

A lover should bow his head before his beloved’s oppression as reward. A lover is one who is not elated by praise or grieved and morose by censure because the one who praises and condemns is not a stranger. Sarkar Waris also said that a time will come when the lover will not complain about his separation from his beloved nor narrate the tale of his meeting with the beloved.

A lover should in no way have connection with anyone else except his beloved.

A lover’s daily recital should be invocation of his beloved.

In love there is no arrangement.

A lover becomes worthless from religion and the world.

A lover who is aware of himself is not conversant with love.

If a lover forsakes all, he gets his beloved.

One whose love is perfect, there is no change in his desire of meeting or separation from his beloved. Love is divine and not achieved by profession.

Lovers are less but Saints are numerous,

A true lover is like an eye’s pupil which is small, existing tiny as opposed to God who is big and Omnipotent but a true lover can capture the image of the Omnipotent.

A lover with whomsoever he is in love, worships him, of which face he has fallen in love with, he is absorbed in that face.

The official position of a lover is to bow his head before his Beloved a lover’s faith is his Beloved’s desire.

Hence from our Saint’s sayings, it is evident, excessive love is his principle way of life. In similar way from his affairs, perfect approval dignity and grandeur of his most perfect submission is obvious. If deeply considered his precepts are not such as free from taste of love. His every action showed that he has surmounted the difficult path of submission to the will of God with firmness and fortitude.

It is written that Ibrahim-bin-Daud has said, ‘the symptom of those who surrender to the will of God with patience and endurance do not ask for their needs and their correct symptom may be inferred that they do not solicit aid from others which they desire. Those things which are prohibited and against the intention of God they do not seek.

In addition to our Saint’s sterling qualities, this quality of not stretching hand before others was his exclusive attribute and this he advised his disciples to adhere to firmly.

By turning over pages of history it is clear that many eminent saints absolutely avoided seeking help from others. Those who at times requested help was due to their prime necessity and peculiar situation. Specific request for some special purpose is prohibited among the mystics which is against their way of life. Hence urging for love and prohibition of request are two eminent and dignified qualities; the cultivation of which was constantly advised by our Prophet.

Our Saint for the stage of journey to reach the destination of submission to the will of God prescribed rules and regulations as additional necessities to achieve this object to his disciples. Many exalted and high status mystics have considered true love to be the centre of sterling qualities as Hazrat Imam Abdul Wahab Sherani in his book “Tabqat-ul-Akbari” has written that Syed Ali, son of Syed Mohammed Wafaa said, “love is like a pole star and all good deeds revolve around it.”


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