Hence our Saint’s fame of his exalted pure heart and sterling qualities spread everywhere. His silent advice, truth, blessings and sincerity gained universal fame. Many devotees irrespective of their castes and creeds came under his benign influence and in pursuit of Divine Love forgot their differences and behaved like brothers with each other. Hazrat Habib Ajmi’s second conditional quality for Divine Love is essential with regard to his devotees who were of unanimous opinion that the sacred heart of our Saint was so full of bounteous love, it was hard to find a single example in anyone. Everyone was aware and witnessed that from his habits and conditions of life the effect of Divine love gushed out from his heart just like his other attributes which bestowed blessings and favours on the public.

The meaning of his many sayings is one should pursue with fortitude to secure the pleasure and willingness of the glorious God without evading and shrinking back. To get this sanctioned with pleasure was the real way of our Saint’s life.

Similarly in this way our Saint advised, his devotees about love and declared love was his principal way of life. To know the consequences and advantages, kind quality and importance of love is a sacred way of life of mystics. He also said love is the step to reach the highest truth.

Sometime he said that angels were given partial love and human beings full love.

If love is real and true a lover sees his beloved in everything.

Love makes man the most eminent of created beings.

Love makes mosques
and temples appear grand and dignified.

There is rivalry in love and in love Satan is not a stranger.

In love Satan also becomes a friend.

One, who is ruined in love, becomes prosperous.

To a real lover knowledge of God is invisible in every atom, like a mirror. In love man becomes blind and deaf; except disgrace he will not be associated with good qualities.

In entanglement in love, one’s wisdom vanishes away.

There is no arrangement in love. If love is perfect, the faith also is full and perfect.

If love is defective, faith will be defective too.

His instructions to his devotees and disciples, was to cultivate the habit of love.

It is essential to have a heart to heart relationship with the Beloved. Man due to the effect of Divine Love becomes what he is now to what he would be as days pass by, what he would see and what he would hear.

Although the mystics full of confidence, trusting their knowledge have explained with hypothetic examples for the knowledge of common people the effects of heart experience, their kind and degree and the benefit of every particularity are still complex and remain unexplained.


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