Rare Justice: Judgements, Decisions and Answers to Difficult Questions part 11

Punishment of Sodomy

Once Khalid bin Valeed wrote to Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) that there was a man who was in the habit of getting the act of Sodomy committed on him (the man). Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) who was the caliph then asked for Hazrat Ali (A)’s advice in the matter saying that the Arabs viewed the cutting of a person into pieces a very bad thing. Hazrat Ali (A) advised that the man in question should be burnt to death. The punishment was arried out accordingly. (Arjahul Matalib, p 126). –

Similary during the caliphate of Hazrat Omar (RA) two men were seen committing the act of sodomy. When apprehended, one of them ran away, but the other was caught and brought to the court of the caliph.

Hazrat Omar (RA) when sought advice of the people in the matter, . All proposed different punishments to be awarded to the accused. Hazrat Omar (RA) then turned to Hazrat Ali (A) and asked for his advice in deciding the case according to the divine law. Hazrat Ali (A) advised the caliph to behead the man. When the punishment was carried out according to the advice of Hazrat Ali (A) and under the orders of Hazrat Omar (RA) and the body of the accused was being carried away, Hazrat Ali (A) stopped the people and said that there was another punishment yet which was to be awarded to the man who had committed such a serious crime. He then ordered the people to collect fire-wood and burn the dead body of the man.. The orders of Hazrat Ali (A) were accordingly carried out with the consent of the then caliph, Hazrat Omar (RA). (Wafi, vol. 9, p. 51).

Hazra Imam Sadiq (A) has said:

“None from among men, who considers sodomy a correct action and having religious sanction, passes his life on earth without being hit by one of the stones from Allah by which He hit the nation of Lot, and he dies of it, but the people do not see it.”

(Qasasul Ambia, p. 162).

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