Sarkar Waris was an embodiment of patience. He always bows his head before the will of God. He never complaints in any circumstances and trusted God Infinitely. The devotees have often heard our Saint declare “patience is privileged shar only of Bibi Fatimz-Zohra and Husnain patience is an inseparable part of Ahle-Baiyat”, and in this same connection he would also say: patience and forbearance is the slave girl of the house of Ahle-Baiyat”, He also said, “the dignity of patience and forbearance was given to Bibi Fatima from her father and through the medium of Hussain is given to others as their share to whomsoever it is destined. To step into the plain of patience is very difficult and the job only of the spiritually strong. It is easier to give up one’s life for the goal of patience to utter even a word of complaint is against the dignity of it. Who ever the narrow streets of patients and forbearance, he loses his authority. There is no arrangement in the way and manner of patience”. He also declared “There is a difference between the school of thought of patience and the Sufi approach to it. For the love of God Hazrat Imam Hussein martyred his entire family on the plain of Karbala. Can anyone understand it? It is a secret only between the lover and the beloved” Sarkar also said. “Our way of life is love. There is no arrangement and one always bows down to the will of god. Patience is the fruit of love.”

Seeing his merciful gesture they desired to become his disciples and he fulfilled their desire. Thus resigning to the will of god was his ideal and submission to the power of creator, his ultimate goal of life. His praiseworthy qualities, his special relationship with his habit of complete resignation to the will of god along with the incidents of 1220 Hijrah one can know his fortitude and disciplined life.


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