The Prophet Muhammad strove for social cohesion. ‘Abd Allāh b. Salām, who was a Jewish Rabbi, recounts the anecdote of the first time he saw the Prophet. Recounting this moment, he said: “When the Messenger of God – peace and blessings be upon him came to Medina, the people rushed towards him and it was said, “The Messenger of God has come!” I came along with the people to see him, and when I looked at the face of the Messenger of God, I realised that his face was not the face of a liar. The first thing he said was: “O people, spread peace, feed the hungry, and pray at night when people are sleeping, you will enter Paradise in peace. ” I

I Set forth by al-Tirmidhī in al-Sunan, 4:652 §2485. •Ibn Mājah in al-Sunan, 1:423 S1334.

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