Hazrat Saiyedna Imam Zain-ul-A’abedin AlaihisSalam part 3

His Prayers

Whenever Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin used to sit for ablution, his holy face used to turn yellow, and, when he stood to pray, it was difficult to recognize him for, his face used to change colour drastically. People used to ask him, “O’ child of holy Prophet! What unique type of conditions do you pass through during ablution and prayer?” He replied, “O’ people! prayer is the time of presence before Allah, the Almighty. Is there any foolish person who will present himself in His court, laughing and talking?” (Ava’arif-ul Ma’arif)

Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin used to offer one thousand Rak’at of voluntary prayers (Nafil Namaz) every night. Once, while he was offering his voluntary prayer, the house caught fire. People started extinguishing the fire, but, he kept on offering the prayer with the greatest patience and humiliation. His prayer was completed after the fire was put out. People asked him “Huzur! The house was on fire. We were trying to put it out. But why did you not pay any heed towards it?” He said, “You were trying to extinguish the following fire, and I was extinguishing the fire of hell.” (Ravz-ul-Rehan, Hayat-ul-Haivan, Khazinat-ul-Asfiya)

Imam Talha Shafai has written, “Once the devil exposed himself in the inner portion of a mosque in the form of a snake with a view to disturbing Imam Ali Ibn-e-Husain in his peaceful prayer. He seized the holy finger in its teeth. But his holy peace was not at all disturbed. The Devil, in the end, got ashamed, stood a little away from him and, the following phrase was heard thrice ‘You only are the elegance-decoration of the people of penance. You only are the leader of the constantly praying persons’, hummed all over the area.” (Asvah-ul-Tarikh)

Wrath of Allah

Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin was always aware of Allah, the Almighty’s. wrath. His heart was full of fear of Allah. It is said that once while he was proceeding towards the pilgrimage of Mecca (Hajj-e-Baitullah), he did not recite the word ‘Labbaik’ before tying the holy ceremonial cloth (Ahra’am). People asked why he did not recite it. He burst into tears and replied, “I am afraid, if, when I I say ‘I am pr I am present’, Allah may dismiss my presence.” People said, “Huzur, how can your Hajj be accepted without the recitation of the word ‘Labbaik’?” In response to this, he loudly shouted, “Labbaik. I am present, my Allah.” But, while saying this, at once, he fainted and d fell from the camel-back. After a short while, he came to senses, but again he fainted when he uttered the word. These conditions continued untill the end of Hajj. (Asvah-ul-Ta’arikh v Sava’aik Mubarak)

Recitation of the Holy Quran

Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq says, “When my holy grandfather, Hazrat
Imam Zainul Abedin used to recite the Holy Quran, people were madly dragged towards him due to the melodious sweetness of the recitation.” So much so that there used to be a big crowd around him and, people used to get overwhelmed in the recitation in such a way that they would not recognized even their first relative, standing beside them.

Return from Maidane-e-Karbala

It is narrated that Hazrat Imam Husain, including his sons, was martyred in Maidan-e-Karbala. None was left except Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin to escort and look after the holy women. At that time, he was sick. When he was made to sit on the bare back of a camel and brought before the crooked Yazid, someone asked him, “O’ Ali! O household of the Divine Grace, how did you welcome morning?” In reply, he said, “We welcomed the morning in such a way as Hazrat Musa’s community welcomed it in the reign of Pharoh (Firaun). Pharaohs killed their children and, the women and girls were spared. Hence, we do not know how would be our mornings and evenings.” We express our gratefulness towards the blessings and gifts of Allah, and, have patience on the trials, hardships and tortures. This is the whole matter of our troubles.

When Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin returned from Karbala, very humbly and with full heart, he presented his greetings, thankfulness and prayers in the Divine Court of Hazrat Rasulallah. This is second to none so far as its submission and Eulogy in it for the Creator and His messengers are concerned.


Hadith Ali mujh se hai Main Ali se hoon.

_Hazrat Imran Bin Hussain رضي الله ﺗﻌﺎﻟﯽٰ عنه Se Rivayat Hai k Huzoor Nabi E Karim (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) Ne Farmaya Beshak_

*_” Aliٕ Mujhse Hai Aur Mai Aliٕ Se Hoon Mere Baad Har Momin Ka Wali Hai ”_*

_Ahle Sunnah Refernces :_ *(Jamai Tirmizi, Vol :05, Pg : 399, Kitab No 49 Kitabul Manakib, Hadees : 4077, English No – Vol : 01, Book No : 46, Hadees : 3712)_*