Hazrat-e-Ali AlahisSalam during the Ghazwa – e – (battle of) Hunain

There is a valley between Mecca and Taif. When the victory of Mecca was obtained, the Qabail-e-Arab was undoubtedly convinced that he was the real Prophet. Had it not been so, he could not have entered in Mecca with that victorious majesty. But there was an adverse effect on Hawazin and Saqif. They could foresee the end of their kingdom. Hence they decided that the Muslims, who were in Mecca at that time, should be attacked. For this, these people set for Hunain. The army consisted of ten thousand pious and humble soldiers who were with the Prophet during the victory of Mecca. In addition to this, there were two thousand residents of Mecca, some of whom were Tulqa, and some were non-believers. Tulqa are the people to whom the Prophet told on the Victory of Mecca, “Now you are free.” Some of them accepted Islam, not with the hearty consent. They just wanted to save their lives. For this, their intention also was not fair. They joined the army with a view to cheating the Muslims. It was because of this that when the war started in Hunain and the arrows started showering, Tulqa ran away. This discouraged other people also, and the Muslims were scattered. On this, Hazrat Umm-e-Sulaiman Radiallahu anhoo, who was participating in this battle, requested Huzur-e-Akram ﷺ, “Except us, please kill the Tulqa because these are the people who caused chaos.” The chaos was due to their running away. Why did they run away? It was their conspiracy that the Muslims would be defeated due to their running away. Allama Aalusi has written in Tafsir-e-Ruhu-i-Ma’ani,

They were the first to run away because it was their strategy, which, they thought, would discourage and create chaos in the Muslims.”

There is a reference in the Holy Quran,When, during the day of Hunain’s battle, you were proud of your strength, but it proved to be futile. Though the battle-field was quite large and wide, for you it was too short. You retreated and ran away from there. Then, Allah, the Almighty bestowed piece of heart on the messenger of Allah and the people of faith. Then, He provided such armies which were not visible for you, and the non-believers were tortured. This is their true punishment.” When the Muslims were disheartened, there were only 80 people with Rasulullah. Some of them, in addition to the elderly people like Hazrat Abu Bakr Radiallahu anhoo Hazrat Umar Radiallahu anhoo Hazrat Asama Ibn-e-Zaid Radiallahu anhoo that and Hazrat Aiman Ibn-e Ayman Radiallahu anhoo also were his family members, e.g. Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam, Hazrat Abbas Radiallahu anhoo, Hazrat Abu Sufyan Ibn-e-Haris ibn Abdul Mutallib Radiallahu anhoo Hazrat Rabi Ibn-e-Haris Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Fazal bin Abbas Radiallahu anhoo. These were all very firm on the battlefield. Out of these pious souls, Hazrat Abbas hand was on the stirrup of Huzur ﷺ and Hazrat Abu Sufyan bin Haris Radiallahu anhoo was holding the rein of his animal. Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam with his extraordinary zeal and zest, was preventing the enemies from advancing towards Huzur ﷺ. This act of sacrifice wa spart and parcel of his giant personality. As usual, during this battle also, he showed his bravery and courage, which was mightier than that of all . This decreased the
others. Hence, he killed the chief of the non-Muslim non-Muslim’s courage, and at the end, they earned the defeat. In fact, this was a very horrible fight wherein, due to the lightening attack, ten thousand Ansars and the Muhajirins were suddenly lost the grounds, and the brave warrior’s feet were shaken. But after all, they were the Mahajirs and the Ansars. So, when, by order of Huzur Akram Nabi Pakﷺ “, Hazrat Abbas gave them call, “O Ansars and Muhajarins” this created a sort of current of sacrifice in their veins. Hence, the people who were bent upon leaving the battlefield came back running like a flying bird to the nest. Like the war of Badr, here also Huzur ﷺ took a handful of dust and threw it towards the unbelievers. The dust-particles were just like the magical molecules that worked like atom-bombs. Now, all of a sudden, the picture of the war was changed. The eyes of unbelievers were full of dust particles. The vision was too weak see anything. Under these circumstances, how could they face these warriors like Sher-e-Khuda AlahisSalam and the Mujahideens. Most of the kuffars ran away. The remaining were arrested.

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