We have seen earlier that the mathematical miracle in lexical concordance can be presented in many different ways. The concordance in the
Quran is sometimes referred to as lexical concordance with the universe,
and sometimes merely as lexical concordance between words. We shall
see a different type of evidence in this section. The 18th sura, The Cave,
relates the story of seven sleepers who slept in a cave for 300 years and
9 years were added to this time period. (We shall see why this number
was not given directly as 309, but mentioned as above, in the sections
on the 19 miracle. If this number had been given as 309, then the total
of the numbers given in the Quran would not be a multiple of 19.)
The youth who stay in a cave are mentioned in the 9th verse of the
18th sura. Up until the 25th verse, all the verses are about these young
people and in the 25th verse, it is said that these youths stayed in the
cave for 300+9 years. From the beginning of these young people’s
adventure until the end of the time they stayed in the cave, the story
is told in 308 words and the 309th word is the word 300+9 years,
which is the amount of time they stayed in the cave. The following
verse is given below:
25- They stayed in the cave: three hundred years and nine.
18-The Cave, 25

How many years did the youngsters stay in the cave? 309

How many words are used from the beginning of the verses that describe the
youngsters till the end of the time they stayed in the cave mentioned? 309

The verses describing the young people in the cave and expressing the number 309:

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