And (recall) when Allah took a covenant from the Prophets (saying), “Whatever I have given you of the Book and the wisdom -(and) thereafter comes to you a Messenger confirming that which is with you, you shall certainly believe in him and you shall certainly help him”. He said, “Do you agree and do you take My burden (of this covenant) on you?” They said, “We agree”. He said, “So bear you witness and I (too) am with you among the witnesses…”. (Aal Imr’an, 3:81)

Sayyidina Abdullah Ibn Abbas Radiallahu anhoo band Sayyidina Ali bin Abu Talib AlaihisSalam have said this pledge was taken in the spiritual world from all the Prophets AlahisSalam in respect of Nabi Pakﷺ Prophethood and Wilayat of Maula Ali AlaihisSalam

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