“We are Children of Palestine”

“We are Children of Palestine”

We belong neither to East nor West aside
The race of Blacks or from the White
We’re the people who have a wound inside
The ones whose cries reach the skies
You got it right, “We are the Children of Palestine”

Asians n Arabs, Irish n British stand with us, Turks by our side
Muslims, Christians, Jewish and Hindus all have allied
The immigrants to the nationals, residents and the refugees alike
“We are the Children of Palestine”; with bare hands we fight

Of Poverty, hunger, assaults n injuries, still we retain
Of Killings, bombings, persecution and destruction, will never refrain
We stood, we stand, we rose, we rise and we’ll uprise
There echoes the voice, “We are the Children of Palestine”

Opposed, oppressed, disturbed, destructed, objected and abused
We were Orphaned, widowed, separated, wounded and accused
Despite of all sufferings we are still proud and honoured
“We are the Children of Palestine”, upon this sole gratitude.
One of the Children of Palestine and A particle of dust beneath the blessed Sandals of his Ancestors:
| Habeeb Sohail Al-Aidroos |

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