In this photo, You will see 2 letters first one is of Last Islami Khalifah Sultan Abdul-Hamid II the Khalifa of our Last Islami Khilafat (Khilafat e Usmaniya) explaining how he would not spare any inch of Palestine in exchange of money.

but see the 2nd Letter how Saudi King Abdul Aziz said I’m Abdul Aziz Bin Abdur rahman Al Faisal Al Saud, I conceded and acknowledge 1000 times to Sir PERCY COX.
“I have no problem giving Palestine to the poor jews, and I concur to this a 1,000 times.

This is the reason how & why they get Kingdom Of Arab by beheadings Tons of Muslims, Ulama, and the muslim army of Ottomonempire.

Saudi Kings & their puppets (scholars) are hidden agents of Yahudis.

This is crystal clear for Muslims who can Identify the Difference between Muslims & Munafiqs.

What is happening in Palestine today is because of kings of Saudi Arabia ! They betrayed and end the Islami Khilafah of Ottomonempire and now see the result ! Our first qibla is not save here ! Muslims are being killed in Masjid e Aqsa.

Lanat on Aale Saud & Saudi king who ended Islami khilafah ! Lanat unlimited Lanat.

Oh! Saudi Kings ! You have to give Hisab of this in duniyah as well as Akhirah.

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