Quotes of Hazrat Ali Alahissalam in English 1

The tongue is like a lion. If you let it loose, it will wound someone. Quotes by Hazrat Ali (R.A)


It is easier to turn a mountain into dust than to create love in a heart that filled with hatred – Imam Ali (R.A)


Forgiveness is the best revenge. Imam Ali (R.A)


Anger is like a ball of fire, but if you swallow it, it’s sweeter than honey. – Imam Ali Sayings (R.A)


Conquer your lustful desires and your wisdom will be perfect. – Imam Ali (R.A)Quote


There are two ways to live a pleasant life, either in someone’s heart or someones’s prayer – Quote of Hazrat Ali. (R.A)


Evildoers never think well of anyone because they see others in their nature. Imam Ali (R.A) Saying


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