Rasool-Allah Sal-Allahu Alaihi Wasallam ne farmaya



✦ Rasool-Allah Sal-Allahu Alaihi Wasallam ne farmaya Jo koi isko (Ayat Al kursi ko) subha padh lega to sham tak shaitan se mehfooz rahega aur jo sham ko padh lega wo subah tak shaitan se mehfooz rahega
Al-Hakim , Al Targeeb wa Al Tarheeb, 1/273- Sahih

✦ Jab bistar par leto to Aayat al kursi ( Allahu La ilaha illa huwa Alhayyu Al Qauul aakhir tak ) poori padh lena . (iske padhne se) Allah subhanahu ki taraf se tum par ek nigaran farishta muqarrar rahega. aur subah tak shaitan tumare qareeb bhi nahi aa sakega.
Sahih Bukhari, Vol 3, 2311
✦ रसूल-अल्लाह सल-अल्लाहू अलैही वसल्लम ने फरमाया जो कोई इसको (आयात अल कुर्सी को) सुबह पढ़ लेगा तो शाम तक शैतान से महफूज़ रहेगा और जो शाम को पढ़ लेगा वो सुबह तक शैतान से महफूज़ रहेगा
अल-हाकीम , अल तरगीब वा अल तरहीब, 1/273- सही

✦ जब बिस्तर पर लेटो तो आयात अल कुर्सी ( अल्लाहू ला इलाहा इल्ला हुवा अल हय्युल कय्यूम आख़िर तक ) पूरी पढ़ लेना . (इसके पढ़ने से) अल्लाह सुबहानहु की तरफ से तुम पर एक निगरान फरिश्ता मुक़र्रर रहेगा. और सुबह तक शैतान तुम्हारे क़रीब भी नही आ सकेगा.
सही बुखारी, जिल्द 3, 2311
Allahu La ilaha illa huwa , Alhayyul Qayyum
La ta khudhuhu (Kuzuhu) sinatuw wa la naum,
Lahu ma fissamawati wa ma fil ardh (Ard)
man dhalladhi ( zallazi) yashfaoo, Eendahu, illa be-eznih,
ya’alamu ma bayna aydihim wa ma khalfahum,
wa la yuhituna beshayeem-min eelmih, illa bima shaaa,
wasiya kursiyyuhus samawati wal ardh (ard)
wala yaooduhu hifdhuhuma (Hizuhuma)
wahuwal Aleeyul adheem (azeem).
Al Quran Surah Al Baqara(2), Verse 255
Tarjuma: ALLAH ke siwa koi ibadat ke layaq nahi, Zinda hamesha rahne wala,
use na ungh aati hai na neend,
jo kuch Aasmano aur jo kuch zameen mein hai sab usi ka hai,
kaun hai jo uski ejazat ke bagair us sey sifarish kar sake,
jo kuch logo ke ru baru (samne) ho raha hai aur jo kuch unke peeche ho chuka hai usey sab malum hai
aur wo uske malumat mein se kisi cheez par dastaras hasil nahi kar sakte
magar jitna ke wo chahe,
uski baadshahi Aasman aur zameen sab par hawi hai
aur use unki hifazat kuch bhi dushwar nahi
wo bada Aali rutba aur Jaleel ul Qadr hai

Uske liye jannat ke 8 darwaze khol diye janyege



✦ Hadith: Uske liye jannat ke 8 darwaze khol diye janyege
✦ Rasool-Allah Sal-Allahu alaihi wasallam ne farmaya jo shaksh achchi tarah wudhu karey aur phir kahe ki
أَشْهَدُ أَنْ لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللَّهُ وَأَشْهَدُ أَنَّ مُحَمَّدًا عَبْدُهُ وَرَسُولُهُ
Ashhadu alla ilaha il-Allahu, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasuluhu
(Main gawahii deta hu ki Allah ke siwa koi maabood nahi aur Muhammad (Sallallahualaihi wasallam) Allah ke bande aur Rasool hain)
Aise shaksh ke liye jannat ke 8 darwaze khol diye janyege aur wo shaksh jannat ke jis darwaze se chahe dakhil ho jaye
Sunan nasaii, Vol1, 150-Sahih
✦ रसूल-अल्लाह सल-अल्लाहू अलैही वसल्लम ने फरमाया जो शख्स अच्छी तरह वुज़ू करे और फिर कहे की
अशहदू अल्ला इलाहा इललल्लाह वा अशहदु अन्ना मुहम्मदन अब्दुहु वा रसूलुहु
(मैं गवाही देता हूँ की अल्लाह के सिवा कोई माबूद नही और मुहम्मद सलअल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम अल्लाह के बंदे और रसूल हैं
ऐसे शख्स के लिए जन्नत के 8 दरवाज़े खोल दिए जायेंगे और वो शख्स जन्नत के जिस दरवाज़े से चाहे दाखिल हो जाए
सुनन नसाई, जिल्द 1, 150-सही

10 Things Men Can Do To Have a Better Marriage


1. Encourage your wife.

Do you know what your wife’s dreams are? Do you care? You should. She needs you to support her in her life. She doesn’t want to be thought of as a second-class citizen. When you find out what she cares about, encourage her to go do it. If she feels like you won’t let her, she’ll end up resenting you down the road, and no one likes resentful people.

2. Become the leader of your home.
Your wife needs you to be the spiritual leader. The old “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” saying is true. If you don’t lead your wife in spiritual situations, she might try to lead you, and this can cause pressure in your marriage.

3. Stop looking at porn.
Porn introduces someone else into your relationship. Now, you may argue, “It’s not a real person,” but when you’re trying to be intimate with your wife, that picture is all you think about. And guess what? Your wife also thinks that picture is all you’re thinking about, which makes her feel used. Pornography distorts your mind when it comes to real intimacy—that real human being you share your bed with. So, ditch the porn. Become intimately involved with your wife instead.

4. Have healthy, encouraging male friendships.
No more hanging out with guys who badmouth their wives. No more guys who check out porn and send it via email. You don’t need that. Find guys who love their wives, and can encourage you to keep getting better as a husband, and as a man.

5. Speak kindly of your wife to her.
Find something your wife does well and point it out. Then, make a big deal of it! Even if it’s just vacuuming the house. Tell her you appreciate it.

6. Speak kindly of your wife to others.
No more badmouthing your spouse to your friends. The old adage works: “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” First, your casual friends may not really care about your marriage. They could be either jealous of you or selfish. They could want you to hang out more often, so they may play up the “problems” that you tell them about. Second, there is no honor in airing your dirty laundry outside your marriage. Don’t do it.

7. Help out around the house without complaining.
—there are some things that are simply part of life (i.e. taking out the trash, cleaning up the shower when it gets that black-and-pink mold in it, etc.) These are chores we just have to do. It’s not even about showing love. It’s taking responsibility.

8. Invite her to join in doing something you like.
Maybe she never joins you watching the game because she doesn’t understand it, or even more likely, she doesn’t know why it’s so important to you. Take time to explain why you like to do the things you do, why you want to share them with her, and then invite her to be part of them. Invite her to join you when you are reading the Holy Quran.

9. Make sure to take time for yourself. While you should invite your wife to take part in some things you do, you should also have activities you are able to enjoy for yourself. If you are constantly hanging around one another, you two might become weird drones that have no thoughts or feelings of your own! Make sure you find a hobby that is just yours to enjoy as a guy.

10. Be present. I think there is a real manhood crisis in our country, and it comes back to the family. I’ll take it a step further: It’s a problem brought on by husbands. Sometimes the man leaves, and the mother has to raise a family by herself. Sometimes, the husband just isn’t present, even if he is physically there. Are you so exhausted by your life and work that you can’t take a moment to be in the present with your wife and family? Turn off the electronics. Block out time that is for family only. Be present and fully engage with your wife. And remember: they say the best way to love your kids is to love their mother well.

102 Words of Affirmation Every Wife Wants to Hear


women often have the feeling that life is coming at them with the speed of a fighter jet and the chaos of a riot. Add to this the voices everywhere around them saying in subtle and not so subtle ways that the job they’re doing isn’t quite up to the mark. Wives often have the nagging feeling that they just don’t measure up.

Let’s drown out those voices with the applause of affirmation – words of beauty, truth, and love that every wife wants to hear, but also needs to hear often. Here are 102 to help you get started.

1) You give a lot, and I appreciate how much you give.

2) You are beautiful.

3) You make me want to be a better man.

4) Thanks for your faithfulness to our family.

5) You are awesome.

6) I’ve learned a lot from you.

7) I’ve seen you grow so much.

8) I like spending time with you.

9) You’re fun to be with.

10) What a fantastic meal!

11) You make wonderful things.

12) Thanks for your diligence in running this house.

13) Our kids are so fortunate to have you as their mother.

14) Allah wanted me to be happy . . . that’s why He made you my wife.

15) You bring out the best in me.

16) You are a fantastic person.

17) You are a deep river.

18) You’re as beautiful to me as the day we married.

19) My favorite place to be is with you.

20) I wouldn’t be half the man I am without you.

21) You make loving fun.

22) You complete me.

23) It’s good to be with you!

24) When I’m gone this week, just remember, home is where my heart is.

25) You are my world.

26) Allah says: ” Men are the protectors and maintainers of women.” I’m glad am yours!

27) I like going out with you . . . what are you doing tonight?

28) The laundry never stops coming . . . and you never quit. You’re amazing and, I really appreciate it.

29) You are a hard worker.

30) You’re so smart.

31) I value your insight.

32) You have a lot to offer.

33) I really admire your inner strength

34) I’m glad our kids have (will have) such an excellent role model.

35) You are (will be) an amazing mother.

36) You know you’re my best friend, don’t you?

37) I don’t know what I would do without you.

38) You make me a happy man.

39) I’m amazed at the women you’ve become.

40) You accomplish a lot.

41) You are so thoughtful.

42) Thank you for respecting me.

43) I’m grateful I can trust you with anything.

44) I have total confidence in you.

45) I’m proud to be your husband.

46) Allah knew what I needed. That’s why He brought us together.

47) I respect the woman you are.

48) My hat’s off to you!

49) You’ve got great ideas.

50) I married up!

51) I need your opinions as well.

52) You’re the finest woman on the planet!

53) I can face anything with you by my side.

54) I married a winner!

55) Our kids love (are going to love) you so much.

56) You are the best woman I know.

57) I don’t deserve you . . . but, I’m glad you’re mine!

58) I want to grow old with you.

59) Thank you for being so good to me.

60) You’re an awesome lover.

61) I don’t need anything else – just you.

62) I only have eyes for you.

63) I’ll always be faithful to you.

64) You never have to wonder where I am.

65) Thank you for standing by me.

66) I really appreciate your loyalty.

67) You are a great cook/chef.

68) You’re so creative.

69) I know you strive to please me . . . and believe me, you’re successful!

70) I love what you make.
71) You are one talented woman!

72) You never stop giving.

73) You look fabulous in that outfit!

74) You make me look good!

75) When you walked into the room, you took my breath away.

76) You are an excellent wife and I’m a blessed man.

77) You bring me joy.

78) I love the home that you’ve created.

79) You work hard to make things wonderful.

80) I Love listening to your voice when you read the Quran!

81) I’m a better man because of you.

82) You are a unique person.

83) I’m glad I married you!

84) You’ll always have my heart.

85) Your heart is safe with me.

86) Allah knew exactly what I needed in a woman.

87) You are Allah’s perfect choice for me.

88) I wouldn’t want any other life than the one I am living with you.

89) You are my dream girl.

90) You are a beautiful person, inside and out.

91) You’ve got what it takes to make things happen.

92) You impress me, you really do!

93) You are a woman of integrity.

94) I admire you.

95) I’m proud of how you handled situations like that.

96) You’re no pushover. I love your spine of steel.

97) You are a considerate person, of me, and of everyone else.

98) You’re one in a million . . . and you’re mine!

99) I’m a rich man because you are my wife.

100) I’d be happy with you anywhere!

101) You make it all worth while. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

102) I’ll love you forever.