COUPLET 1 Bideh oora jawane pakbasey, Suroorask az sharab-e Khanasaze

Qavi bazoo-e oo manund-e Hayder, Dil-e oo az do geti be niyazey

Allama Iqbal invokes the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) to help the Muslim youth so that he may attain full cognition of God and he may bo so much inspired with His love that he may attain the strength as Hazrat Ali (a.s.) had in his arms and that he may be free from all cares of this world and the world hereafter. Whatever Hazrat Ali (a.s.) did was for the sake of God only. There were no motives behind his actions. Every action of his was in fact, prayers to God. Iqbal therefore hopes that every Muslim may be sincere in his actions – Sincere to fulfil God’s will and commandment.


گلستانی ز خاک من بر انگیز * نم چشم بخون لاله آمیز اگر شایان نیم تیغ علی را * نگاهی دو چو شمشیر علی تیز Guli.Haney Ze Khake mun bar angez, Name chashman ba Khoone lala amez

Agar Shayan nayum teghe Ali ra, Nigahey deh cho chamsheere Ali Tez

Iqbal entreats the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) to give him light and learning which may guide his fellow Muslims. He also wishes to possess sincere love for God, so that when he weaps in Hie love, tears of blood may roll down his cheeks.
If, for all this, is not fit to receive Ali’s sword Iqbal implores the Holy Prophet to give him such sight as would have the power of Hazrat Ali’s (a.s.) sword. Iqbal is so much in love for Hazrat Ali (a.s.) that he wishes to follow him in all his actions and that is what, according to him, every Muslim should aspire.


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