Once Maulana Hadayatulla Sahib Warisi, a well known Scholar of tradition came to Dewa Sheriff and presented a voluminous book written in Persian language by Qazi Mohamed Safi bin-Ali-Alka-Shani on which there was a seal of the library of Temoor. Our Saint went through some chapters cursorily, returned the book to Maulana saying it was a unique edition and advised him to keep it carefully.

Maulana said that he went through it more than once. There is no doubt the author has tried to explain each and every problem clearly but this not paid attention towards the contradiction in the taste and way of lover of God. In reply Our Saint said. “The reason is that every moment the dignity of Divine Brilliance differs and their effects also differ with regards to their interest. Hence in which face the mystics see this, they adjust their way of life”, Our Saint has explained the real worth of qualities of love, the truth of lovers grades, in words of a parable.


One day a welt to do deeply learned Hindu paid a visit to Our Saint. From his head gear he looked like a pandit and from the colour of his dress appeared a dervish. When asked from where he had come he answered he had come from Banaras. Our Saint ordered his servants to look after him.

He came again in the afternoon and said his name was Haridas. His native lace was Ferozepur and he was a descendant of Guru Nanak and succeeded to his ancestor’s seat of honour (Gadi), though he was unfit to show anyone the way to meet God. He was well off from the income of his hereditary property. Whenever he thought of his eminent position he felt ashamed that instead of a lion, a dog has occupied the seat of honour. From a long time he desired to meet Our Saint and said, “Mahatmaji, fill this mendicant’s bag. It is a source of great grief to me that in spite of deep mediation and absorbed contemplation the impurity of my heart sticks permanently and eludes me. You are a descendant of the Lion of God (Hazrat Ali) and the ferry Man of the Universe. Erase out my polytheistic dust from my heart to attain mental peace. If not what faces have I to show my lord. In this cycle of existence my birth is useless for I failed to achieve my purpose”.

Our Saint enquired whether he had read the Adi-Granth the scared book of the Sikhs. Haridas replied, “Yes and I consider its worship, service to God”. Sarkar Waris further asked, “Have you Hayat-e-Waris

studied the chapter about God”? He said, “Yes” and further added that Guru Nanak Saheb had written Brahma- Vichar which is termed by him as Utham-Jog.

Then Our Saint explained, “If you are so broadminded you might have read this story when Prahlad in state of ecstasy began to invoke the name of ‘Ram’ his father Hiranyakashipu warned him not to take the name of ‘Ram’ before him, threatening that he would be beheaded. When Prahlad saw his father’s indiscreet opposition his passions also were roused. In this state of fervour he defied his father saying “Ram is in me, in you, in the sword and in the pillar”. Prahlad uttered the moment the praise of God, the pillar burst open and Brahma’s face in the guise of a Lion appeared and destroyed Hiranyakashipu. The sum and substance of this anecdote is that Prahlad in reply to his father’s worship of falsehood shows the Divine Dignity and Divine manifestation in every atom, which proves Divine power and is a mirror of his graceful qualities and his unalloyed unity.

Hearing this Haridas was stunned and begged Our Saint to show him the path to reach Divined Proximity. The Saint advised him that his heart should pure from poletheisim. He should think of one spiritual personality that permeates the universe and regulates its affairs.

The conclusion is that if man with full faith concentrates on one face without wavering and hesitation he achieves calm and peace of mind which in the terms of mystics is called Tasdiq (Affirmation) and the seekers if God’s path in this condition are favoured with Divine Illumination. It is a special favour delegated to near devotees of God. Until the thought is clam and steady it is difficult to have knowledge of Divine secret.

Hearing this Haridas was profoundly moved and begged to make him his disciple. Our Saint assured, “To become a disciple, love is enough. If there is love, however for you are, We are with you, You may go”. Haridas wept profusely and said he would not go empty-handed and bagged for a way to be shown to be absorbed in contemplation of God and not to think of anyone. Our Saint smiling and with great affection taught him the occupation of repeated invocation of Lord’s name instructed, until full composure of mind is achieved to maintain his outward condition.

Our Saint further said “A mendicant is one who does not keep anything for the morrow. Greed is such an unmannerly quality that deprives those who trust in God from Divine grace forever”.

A devotee once wanted a clarification to Our Saints saying that love is inherent and not achieved by profession. Yet there is another way also. Even if there be no love and if the heart is inclined towards Divine love it is considered a distinct pride. Our Saint smiling answered. “If you are desirous of practicing love, recite Darood-e-Sheriff (invoking God’s blessing on Our Holy Prophet), the heart will become full of pathos and grief by love”.


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