Sarkar Waris in order to rest spent a night at Juanpur. After sunset Maulana Abdul Rahim will known philosopher but considered by the people as heretic came to meet him with his student Maulvi Riyazur Rehman. During the discussion Maulvi Riyazur Rehman said, “according to religious tradition it has been proved that the Devil refused to prostrate before a non-god. It is worthy to consider why he was blamed for such a good act and instead of being called unitarian he is called a Satan and a cursed One”.

Sarkar Waris explained “Unitarians do not differentiate between Satan and God the merciful. In fact lovers not consider Satan a bad one but the event of Saint is a special of lesson and according to Divine law he committed a blunder in considering Adam an outsider and not God’s elevated creature.” Hearing this answer Maulana was astonished and acknowledge Our Saints grandeur and dignity. Once Our Saint said that it is beneficial for a disciple when he gets up in the morning he should resolve that he would not commit a crime and when evening sets in, intend not to do any sinful act. Thus daily intention would gradually become stable and firm


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