گهی با حق درآمیزد گھمی با حق درآویزد « زمانی حیدری کرده زمانی خیبری کرده

Gahe Ba Haq dar awezad Gahe ba Haq dar awezad, Zamaney Hayderi Karda Zamaney Khayberi Kardi Allama Iqbal says that the condition of the Muslims is very deplorable. Sometimes we adhere strictly to the precepts of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) and sometimes we deviate from the path of Truth and wage war against God. The prosperity of the Muslims depends upon our faith in Islam and our practice in following the precepts set before us by Hazrat Ali (a.s.)


امیر قافلہ کی سخت کوش و پیجم کوش * که در قبیله ما حیدری زکراری است * Amire qafilaee Sakht Kosh wa peham kosh, Ki dar qabilai ma Hayderi Ze Karrareest

Allama Iqbal has an intense love for and faith in Hazrat Ali (a.s.). He is fed up with the low standard of the Muslims. He advises them to consider themselves the leader of the caravan of life. It is our duty to work ceaselessly with perfect devotion since in our community, following the ways of Hazrat Ali (a.s.), there is no room for losing heart or showing cowardice, Hayder Karrar tought us to fight to finish the forces of evil.


من آن علم و فراست با پر کاهی نمیگیرم * که از تیغ و سپر بیگانه سازد مرد غازی را بھر نرخی که این کالا بگیری سود مند افتد * بزور بازوی حیدر بده ادراک رازی را Man an ilm-o firasat ba para kahe nami geerum, Ke az Tegh o sipar begana sazad marde ghazira

Ba har nirkhe Ke een Kala be geeri sood mand uftad, Ba zore bazoo-e Hayder bid h idrake Razi ra

According to Allama Iqbal that Knowledge and Wisdom which deprives a Muslim of the art and spirit of swordsmanship is of no use. A muslim should be a true follower of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) the bravest swordsman of the age. No price is too high to achieve that quality which would make him a perfect warrior. Even the learned discourses of AHarra Razi (a great sage) can be sacrificed to the following of Hazrat Ali’s high ideals.


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