A Companion once narrated an incident highlighting the forbearing and patient nature of Prophet Muhammad. He said: “I was walking with the Prophet and he was wearing a mantle with a thick border. We met a Bedouin on the way. The Bedouin pulled the mantle so violently that I noticed the side of the Prophet’s shoulder affected by the friction of the mantle’s border because of the violent pull. The Bedouin said, “Give me some of God’s wealth that is with you.” God’s Messenger turned and looked at him smiling and ordered that some wealth be given to him.”I

Such was the great level of forbearance of the Prophet Muhammad Let alone patience with the harm caused by the Bedouin, the beloved Prophet of God also showed him kindness by giving him the money that he asked for. This is certainly an extraordinary level of mercy that is not common to see.

I Set forth by al-Bukhārī in al-Ṣaḥīḥ, 3:1148 S2980. Muslim in alṢaḥīḥ, 2:730 S1057. Aḥmad b. Hanbal in al-Musnad, 3:153 S12570.


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