From tradition it is known the colour Sarkar Waris liked best was yellow colour. It is only those disciplined ascetics who serve connection with the world and depend upon their Lord, prefer this colour for their dress, for example Jesus Christ whose spirituality, Godliness and his isolation from the world preferred yellow colour for his dress. It is also prophesised that when, Christ will descend on the last day of the world he will have two sheets of similar colour on his body and from his locks, water drops would trial.

The description of Jesus Christ is an embodiment of spirituality and an artistic creation of divine craftsmanship; like wise our Saint Waris Ali Shah liked such dressed for apparel. In like manner we discern in his personality qualities of heart and head. Till the old age of seventy years he endured with patience, trial and tribulation without any complaint which are the unique qualities of those whose ultimate goal of life was to achieve the desire of reaching divine vicinity and merging themselves with the infinite.

We discern in our Saint the qualities of Jesus Christ.

Not only did Sarkar observed strict code of formulation but he also advised his devotees to follow likewise. And anyone did follow he was extremely pleased. For instance Maulvi Mohammad Yahya Saheb Warsi, Vakil of Azimabad followed a set pattern of habits, in the sense he would every year came to Deva Sharif for the Karthik Mela on a particular date. But once is so happened when the date for his departure to Deva Sheriff neared his daughter was very sick, but he left her in the delicate condition and came to Deva Sheriff. The next day he received a telegram for the family doctor Asad Ali khan Saheb that his daughter died. When this news reached Sarkar he ‘called Maulvi Saheb aside and said, “Maulvi Saheb you have passed the test of formalities. But generally people make a swoon to be death.” At the time no one care to understand the meaning behind this utterance but not the third day, Maulvi Saheb received a letter from his brother that his daughter became alive; six hours after she was pronounced dead.

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