Hazrat Saiyedna Imam Zain-ul-A’abedin AlaihisSalam part 1

Hazrat Saiyedna Imam Zain-ul-A’abedin AlaihisSalam

5th Sha’ban-ul-Mo’azzam Hijri 38 18th Moharram-ul-Haram Hijri 94

Oh Allah, keep me your devotee in the name of Saiyed Sajad, Give me the real wisdom (Ilm) in the name of Baqar Ilm-e-Huda.

The Holy Birth

Hazrat Imam Zainul A’abedin was born on 5th Sha’aban-ul-Mo’azzam, Hijri 38 in Medina Munavvara. (Masalikul Sa’alikin)

Holy Name

Due to respect and faith towards his forefathers, Hazrat Imam Husain used to keep his children’s names on the holy names of his ancestors. It is only because of this that most of his sons’ names are Ali. Of course, to distinguish the younger ones from the older, Akbar and Asghar, Sugrah and Kubrah were prefixed. Because of this, he was named Ali.

Dynasty-Names and Nicknames

His dynasty names are Abu Muhammad, Abulhasan, Abul Kasim and Abubakr. And, the titles are Sajad, Zainul Abedin, Saiyed ul Abedin, Zaki and Amir.

Training and Bringing up

For two years, under the observation of Hazrat Imam Husain AlahisSalam, he acquired education and training from his holy grandfather Saiyedna Ali Murtuza Sher-e-Khuda Hazrat Ali AlahisSalam During this period, he also was being trained for spiritual practices. After that, for ten years he stayed with his holy uncle, Hazrat Imam Hasan AlahisSalam and eleven years, with his holy father Hazrat Imam Husain AlahisSalam for training of Sufism (Islamic Mysticism) ways and practices. This training enabled him to achieve the stages and destinations in spiritual upliftment.

Holy Mother

His mother was the daughter of Yazdegerd, to the last Sassanian king of Persia Shaheryar bin Shervia – ibne – Parvez – bin Hamza ibne Kisra Navashers. Her holy name is Salafah, commonly called Ghazala and her title was Shahzaman or Shehrbano. (Is’halu Ta’arikh) –

Holy Face

His face resembled that of his holy grandfather, Sher-e-Khuda, Mushkil Kusha Hazrat Ali. His complexion was wheaty, the body was well built, and the beard was always coloured with henna.

The Good news about his Birth

Imam Ibnul Madyani quotes Hazrat Jabir that he said, “I was present in the service of Nabi-e-Karim when Hazrat Imam Husain AlahisSalam was in his lap and Huzur was amusing him.” Huzur Nabi Pakﷺ said, “O’ Jabir! A son will be born to his wife, whose name will be Ali. When there is a call on the Day of Judgement, the caller will address him with this name. He will be asked to stand up, and with him, that son will stand up. Then in his family, a son will be born, whose name will be Muhammad (Imam Baqar). If you happen to see them, offer my greetings (Salam) to them.

Holy Lineage

His lineage is as under:

Galib-bin-Fahar-bin-Maalik-bin-Nazar-bin-Kanana Ali-ibne-Husain-bin-Ali-bin-Abi-Talib-bin-AbdulMuttalib-bin-Hashimbin-Abd-e-Manaf-bin-Kasa-bin-Kalab-bin-Marah-bin-Ka’ab-bin-Loi-bin


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