During Catastrophic movement Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is on Haq.

During such a Catastrophic movement, if there was a person due to whom the Truth was protected; it was Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam

Not only from the time of Hazrat Uthman Radiallahu anhoo assassination but even prior to that, i.e. from the time of the encirclement of his house, the rebellious movements were going on in the Islamic world. But, when the movement for the revenge of Hazrat Uthman Radiallahu anhoo death was initiated; the previous movements became a thousand times more powerful. The whole movement was for one life, i.e. for the life of Hazrat Uthman Radiallahu anhoo See the height of cruelty, eighty thousand Muslims were killed. But there was no sign of its end, and the life-taking process was going ahead with all its large force.

Under the circumstances which were no less than those of the day of judgement, Saiyedna Ali Murtuza AlahisSalam had to manage the situation and to perform the duties of the Caliphate that he had received. This was his miraculous wonder. This can be considered as one of the miracles of the Divine Power that, even during the atmosphere of agitations from all the directions, he followed every letter of the Book(Holy Quran) and did not allow the minute change or diversion in its course. The responsibility of spreading the message of Huzur was centred around him and him only. It is because of his struggle that today, we are fortunate enough to have Islam in its original form. Think over the period that was of exile and struggles of the staunch followers of Islam. Had there been any diversion and change in Islam, who was so competent enough to revive it in its original form? The answer to this is, (Caliphate reign) one who has received the caliphate and Ashab-e-Badr the staunch followers of Islam took up this responsibility. Was it at all possible that under these circumstances Islam could have been living today in its original form, unless the efforts were made by the staunch followers, taking the risk of their very existence?

In fact, many changes and renovations took place in the political paradigm, and it invited many revolutionary changes in Islam. When none else except Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was ready to accept the responsibility of Caliphate, it was publicly declared that those who were involved in encircling Hazrat Uthman Radiallahu anhoo something house, should all be put to death Muavia said, “Either they all should be killed, or they should be handed over to us so that we can take the revenge of Hazrat Uthman Radiallahu anhoo assassination. After that, we are ready to accept your leadership.” There were other people also who were saying the same thing, only with the difference in words.

There was no doubt that had Saiyedna Ali Murtuza AlahisSalam not accepted their demands, Hazrat Talha Radiallahu anhoo Zubeir Radiallahu anhoo and Muavia could have accepted Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam their religious and political head, and, his life could have been absolutely peaceful. But could this acceptance have guaranteed the jurisprudence and Islamic set-up in its original nature? Regarding murder, the Islamic procedure is, “O’people! Order of revenge for those who are killed has been issued upon you. If a free man is killed by a free man, the killer-the free man should be killed. If the slave is murdered by a slave, the killer-the slave should be killed, and if a woman has killed a woman, the killer-woman should be assassinated. In short, it is clearly mentioned in the order that whoever is the killer, he himself or she herself should be killed.” The implication is, may the killed be man, woman, free man or a slave, and it is not at all permitted that:

i. Instead of the killer, any other person from his community or society or anyone else should be killed as it used to be during the dark age of the Arabian Peninsula. In the dark ages of this region, for the mightier and power-holder Arabs, it was not sufficient to kill the killer; instead, they thought it necessary to kill many more people from the killer’s party. Due to this, the revengeful relations and their bitter results were repeated year by year and generation through generation. This only was the warfare modus operandi of uncultured and orthodox Arabs.

ii The killer is one and somebody else should be killed as punishment. For example, if a killer is a slave, then either his master or someone from his family may be killed. Or, it may be that the killer is a woman then, either her father or husband or som or any person from her family or an important man from her community can be killed as an accused. This was the tradition of that time. If any woman killed a high-family woman, as revenge, either her father or son or husband or any of her important relatives was being crucified. Very often, such were the reasons to open war, and it used to result in huge blood-shed.

The Aayats that are described above in relation to the revenge of murder were all cancelled once and for all. Following is the implication of the Law of True Justice:

i. All men and women are equal, as they are all human beings. In the eyes of justice, they are all equal because the same blood runs in their veins. Hence, in the matter of revenge, one cannot be discriminated from the other. In this respect, the equality between man and man should be strictly observed. In Islam, sentence to death is known as “An eye for an eye’ revenge, the implication of which is equality. This is the fundamental truth on which the Islamic Jurisprudence is based. Hence, Islam always keeps it in mind that in the sentence to death, at every step, it is necessary that, the standard of equality should be followed strictly. This is a fundamental fact. Therefore, if one person is a killer, only one person, and that too, the person who has killed should be assassinated. If there are two killers, both should be slaughtered. If more persons than the killer are killed, then it is not justice, but, a tyranny.

ii. The purpose of ‘eye for an eye’ revenge is to protect human lives and prevent rebels. In the Holy Quran, an extensive space has been given to this point, and it has been stated:

Translation: 0 Listeners of the Holy Quran! The justice of ‘eye for an eye’ preserves your lives (i.e. your lives are protected), so that you may be saved from slaughters and massacres. For you, this norm closes the doors of massacres.
Hence, let the ‘eye for an eye’ revenge not be the cause of harmful movements and activities. Do not open the gate of blood-shed and killings in the name of revenge. Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam followed this command letter by letter. He did not accept the idea of killing someone from the suspected community or massacred the whole community in place of Hazrat Uthman Radiallahu anhoo real killer (who could never be recognized nor could any witness in that respect be found till today), only on a faint suspicion that the killer was probably from that community.

Had Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam followed the path demanded by the mass and especially by Muavia, it could have been gross disobedience of the commands of the Holy Quran. Then, his Caliphate could not have been the Quranic Caliphate, and none would have accepted it as a Caliphate Regin. It could not have been accepted as a real Caliph bestowed by Huzur . This could have broken Islam in minute pieces, and all the doors of cruelty could have been broken open.

The major negative outcome of this would have been that the just management of eye for an eye’ revenge principle could have been replaced by the cruel method of revenge in the name of Islam. It could also have been declared that the action had been accepted by the unanimous consents of the Companions. This is such a negative and harmful lead, which, if had been accepted, could have wiped out the real justice from Islam. There would have been no room for Islamic Justice.

Every Muslim should be deeply grateful to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam that in place of Quranic order of ‘eye for an eye’ justice, he did not accept any misleading and harmful step. He did not allow any tyrannical law of justice for the revenge. This has protected Islam with its ideal tradition of justice. The greatest of his aim to accept the Caliphate that was booned upon him was to protect the true justice in its original form. The great victories of prosperous regions and the looted wealth were just nothing in comparison with this ideal. He had to pay a high price to protect Islam, the tradition of *eye for an eye’ revenge and true justice. He was ready to fight the Junge-Jamal and Jung-e-Siffin to save the true values of Islam. He was prepared to sacrifice his own life to protect the high ideals of Islam. He performed his duties in the best possible manner as were required to save Islam. Islam has piously and successfully passed through the critical circumstances only because of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam efforts and his sacrifices,

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