The Victory of Mecca

The Victory of Mecca and the Purification of Ka’aba with the hand of Hazrat Ali bin Date: 20th Ramadan, Hijri 08

Hazrat Ibrahim AlahisSalam prayed in Ka’aba for the advent of Rasul-eMuqaddas ﷺ on the land of Mecca so that, he may purify the hearts and minds, souls and behaviours and characters of the dwellers of this land, and giving them the knowledge of secrets of Allah, making them aware of the holy book and making them spread the light of monism and humanism in the world. Rasul-e-Khuda ﷺ advented in Mecca-e-Muazzama. He started his struggle of making the people man, in the real sense of the term. The majority of most of his people criticized and opposed him. So much so that he was not allowed to stay in Mecca. Hence, he left for Medina Munawwara with a view to performing the noble duty of Nabuwat and bringing out the people from Jahiliyat to the world of knowledge and morality. But the original people of Mecca did not allow him to live there also with peace. Different types of criticisms were thrown towards him and frequently, attacked Medina with big armies with an intention of destroying once for all with the sword, the message of truth and the messenger himself.

A treaty of compromise was signed at Hudebiyah during Hijri 06, but Quresh breached it. Bani Khazaa was killed in the Holy Ka’aba (Haram) itself when he was performing his Sajda. In this way, the Muslims were invited (provoked) for the war. Now the time to free the victims from the torture of Quresh had come. The time, for ending the ignorance and keeping someone with Allah from Mecca-e-Muazzama, has arrived. Holy Ka’aba may once again be made the house of Allah. It should be purified by removing the idols, because, now the Islam had come to such a stage from where it was easy to capture Mecca-e-Muazzama. Therefore, on 20th of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak of Hijri 8, with ten thousand Sahaaba-e-Kiram, Huzur inter set for Mecca-e-Muazzama with a view to winning. They got victory over the city within a short time. He gave shelter to all the people. He addressed in the Haram-e-Ka’aba. All the Quresh and their supporters were in front of them in the audience. Following were the points of his speech:

i. There is no god but Allah. None is his partner. ii. The promise made by Allah of victory of Mecca has been fulfilled.
This macrocosm has helped his worshiper, and all the antagonist
groups are defeated. iii. Listen carefully! I have crushed under my feet all the points which
were taken to be the cause for war every year, regarding proud,
revenge of all the killings and all the blood-sheds. iv. Qabail-e-Quresh! Allah has vanished the proud of caste and
community and has ended the barbarism. Listen! All human beings are the children of Adam and Adam has come to be from the clay. Allah values and gives importance only to those people who are
afraid of Him are virtuous and noble. After the speech, he glanced over the highhanded people of the Quresh who were in front of him. These were the same people who:
shower abuses when Huzur ﷺ used to recite Quran Majeed.
throw stones and create blood-shed when Huzurn ﷺ used to deliver religious speeches.
used to spread thorns on his way during dark nights.encircled Huzurﷺ and his all blood-relatives for three years in such a way that they could not get food-grains and money. They passed these three years by eating grass and leaves .
during his prayers, they used to noose him. used to make the helpless Muslims lie on the ground and then, put .
conspired to kill Huzurﷺ during the night of Hijrat. They encircled the house, with a view to attacking Huzurbt all at a time and end the Islamic movement once and for all.
compelled Huzurﷺ and his sahaabas to leave the house of Allah ,
heavy stones on their chests
Huzurﷺ was the target of all the tortures and cruelty, but in turn, he was trying to make them human beings in the true sense of the word . With a heavy heart, he started going away from his native place, leaving the area of Bait- ullah behind. But the beastly people did not come round . Instead , started arresting Huzur’sﷺ people and declared publicly that whoever brought Huzur’sﷺ head, would be gifted with hundred camels .
i.e. Mecca .
After that , he left for Medina, but the torturers even then did not stop their cruelty . They frequently attacked Medina with big armies. During this period, Huzur’s ﷺ very dear uncle Hazrat Hamza was murdered , and his hands, legs, nose and ears were cut, and their commandant in chief’s wife made a garland and wore it in her neck to satisfy her revenge. This was not the end. His very pious chest was torn, the liver was brought out , and she munched it mercilessly to satisfy her beastly desire. This cruelty had no end. Every day they tortured in different ways, and this lasted for twenty years. Can any victorious person forgive such inhuman people after having full control over them ? No, never . The whole world would say, “ Such sinners can never be forgiven.’ On the tip of every tongue , there will be the words , “ Kill all these murderers.” The inner conscience of the murderers also says the same thing

Now listen to the judgement of Rehmat-ul-Alameenﷺ . Huzurﷺ glances at these blood-thirsty and killer people and says, “Go. You are all free. You will not even be scolded.”
Can anyone in the world show such a man who will forgive the people who had tortured and proved to be a staunch enemy?
Is there anyone who is well-wisher like this? Is there any kindness like this? Is there any magnanimous (kind) person like him thoroughly?
The height of his kindness is that they were all freed without any punishment. Not only that, but they were assured that none would scold them for their misdeeds.

This the generosity and greatness of Islam and the Prophet.

Let us offer Durud-o-Salam on this pious and great being who is extremely generous and, the dignity of kindness is personified in him. He had responded uniquely, and his divine behaviour was incomparable with any occasion in human history.

Salam Ae Rehmat-e-Aalam, Salam Ae Fakhr-e-Insani; Zaban Par Naam Aata Hai To Zuk Jati Ye Peshani

Now, the heads of high handed people bowed down. Those, in them, who had even a little readiness to accept The Truth, immediately accepted Islam. And they became such great devotees of Huzure that wherever even a single drop of his sweat fell, they were ready to shed their blood.

The great personality like that of Huzurﷺ whose behaviour with the human community shows the highest level of morality and commitment towards Allah and human beings preaches:

real love even for the enemies,

. great tolerance and generous towards mankind and . To be free from prejudiced attitudes.
. This is only the way to win the hearts.

Qadam Mohkam, Amal Peham, Mohabbat Fateh-e-Aalam; Jihad-e-Zindagi me Hai Yehi Mardon Ki Shamshiren

See the irony of time – Holy Ka’aba, which was created by the idol broker Ibrahim, for the worship of Allah, was, under the impact of non-believers, turned into a centre of idol-worship by his own children, and hundreds of images were kept in the House of Allah. The prime duty of inheritor of Saiyedna Ibrahim Khalil AlahisSalam was to prevent the people from the involvement of any other entity with The Almighty and to free and purify the house of Allah from the idols. The primary purpose of victory of Mecca was to bring out the people from the deep valley of superstitions and blind faith and at the same time to propagate the monism, spread the obeyance of Kalama, the protection of Ka’aba and preventing the worship of man. When Islam got victory over Mecca, all the Arabs thought that really, Islam is the religion of Allah. Only the army of Allah can enter into the restricted area of Ka’aba victoriously. The episode of elephants established in the hearts of the people that if the powerful troops enter into the restricted premises, the unseen power will destroy them at a stroke. The Islam has conquered every nook and corner of Mecca-e-Muazzama. Now, where is the shade of doubt in believing that the Islam is a real and authentic religion?
After the victory, the obstacle for the Arabs to accept Islam was removed once and for all. After this, Islam was spread throughout Arbastan. After this marvellous victory, it was categorically necessary to purify and free the Ka’aba from the images and by making it a centre of staunch monism, spread its divine light throughout the globe. Thus, the main purpose was to bring out the man from the involvement of something with Allah and free him from the world of superstitions. To make the sons of Aadam real men by giving the best possible training was the target of this mission. The gates of materialistic and spiritual progress which were closed till day due to the Shirk (to put some other entity at the level of Allah) with and faith in superstitious agencies were opened one by one.At this time, there were 360 idols in Haram-e-Ka’aba. Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ, while removing these idols at the tip of a stick, was reciting this couplet:

Translation: “The Truth arrived, and the false vanished. False is born to vanish.” Simultaneously he also says that “The false has no existence and will never come back.”

The biggest idol was that of Hubeil to whom the Arabs took to be the greatest God. It had a human face. He was tied with the strong iron chains on the roof of Ka’aba so that none could move it from there. During wars, the Quraish used to shout his slogans. Abu Sufyan shouted the slogan of this God during the battle of Uhud.

Allah selected Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam to uproot him. The Prophet ﷺ used to take Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam during his childhood on his shoulder very frequently. Today also he took Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam, to whom he had taken in his lap many times, on his shoulders and asked him to displace Hubeil from the roof of Ka’aba. To remove the involvement with the Allah, the issue of this order was necessary.

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam had to obey accordingly. On the one hand, the success in removing the rivals was acquired, and on the other, the advantage of removing the idols from Ka’aba also was bestowed. What a great blessing!a


चांद पर हुकूमत

हुजूर सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम के दुशमनों ने बिलखुसूस अबू-जहल ने एक मर्तबा हुजूर से कहा कि अगर तुम खुदा के रसूल हो तो आसमान पर जो चांद है उसके दो टुकड़े करके दिखाओ। हुजूर ने फ़रमायाः लो यह भी करके दिखा देता हूं। चुनांचे आपने चांद की तरफ़ अपनी उंगली मुबारक से इशारा फरमाया तो चांद के दो टुकड़े हो गये। यह देखकर अबू जहल हैरान हो गया। मगर बे-ईमान माना भी नहीं और हुजूर को जादूगर ही कहता रहा। (हुज्जतुल्लाह सफा ३६६ बुखारी शरीफ हिस्सा २ सफा २७१)

सबक : हमारे हुजूर की हुकूमत चांद पर भी जारी है। बावजूद इतने बड़े इख्तियार के बे-ईमान अफ़राद हुजूर के इख्तियार व तसर्रुफ को फिर भी नहीं मानते।

हज़रत ईमाम हसन के कदमों में गिर पड़ा।

हज़रत ईमामे हसन की ईमामत के जमाने में एक शामी मदीना आया और बाज़ार में खड़े होकर हस्बे आदत हज़रत अली और हज़रत ईमाम हसन अलाहिस्लाम के बारे में बुलंद आवाज़ में करने लगा, ईतने में सरकार ईमाम हसन मुज्तबा तशरीफ़ लाए और उस शामी को मुखातिब कर के फ़रमाया:
मुसाफिर लगते हो, मेरे साथ आओ ताके तुम्हें खाना खिलासकु तुम्हारे आरम का बंदोबस्त कर सकू और तुम्हें जादे राह दे सकू । वो शख्स आप के साथ गया खाना और आराम भी किया जब वापिस निकला तो मदीने के लोगों ने कहां ये उन लोगों का ही घर था जिनकी तु
बुराई कर रहा था और जिस ने तुम्हारी महेमान नवाजी की वो कोई और नहीं बल्कि खुद ईमाम हसन मुज्तबा थे ये सुन कर शामी रो पड़ा
और ईमाम हसन के कदमों में गीर कर माफ़ी मांगी

मुहब्बत अहेले बैत के कसीर फवायद

मुहब्बत अहेले बैत के कसीर फवायद

हज़रत जाबीर बीन अब्दुल्ला अब्जली रजि अल्लाह फरमाते हैं के हुजूर सलल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम ने फ़रमाया: तर्जुमा:अऐ मुसलमानों! आगाह हो जाव जो कोई आले मुहम्मद सलल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम मुहब्बत में मरेगा वो शहीद होगा, और जो कोई मुहब्बत आले मुहम्मद सलल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम पर मरेगा उसकी कब्र में जन्नत के दरवाजे खोले जाएंगे, आगाह हो जाव जो कोई आले मुहम्मद सलल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम पर मरेगा उसको मलकुल मौत मरते वक़्त बहीश्त की बशारत देगा, फिर कब्र में मुनकीर नकीर मसदा जन्नत सुनाएंगे और जो कोई मुहब्बत आले मुहम्मद सलल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम पर मरेगा वो ईस तरहे बा साज व सामान जन्नत को जाऐगा जिस तरहे दुल्हन अपने शोहर के घर जाती हैं, आगाह हो जाव के जो कोई मुहब्बत आले मुहम्मद सलल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम पर मरेगा वो तौबा कर के मरेगा, आगाह हो जाव के जो कोई मुहब्बत आले मुहम्मद पर मरेगा अल्लाह तआला रहेमत के फरीश्तो को उसकी कब्र के जराईन बनाऐगा, पेज,१
अज किताब खसाऐस अहेले बैत सफा ३१:३२