Hazrat Sayyid Badruddin Badri Kashmiri Naqshbandi Rahmatullāhi alaihi


Sayyid Badruddin ibn Abdus-Salam Badri Kashmiri was a Sufi of the Naqshbandi Ahrari Order, an author, historian and a prolific poet. He lived in the tenth and eleventh centuries A.H, exact dates are unknown.

Initially he learned the Kubravī Sufi method and later associated himself with the Naqshbandī Order.

In 960 AH, he left Kashmir to visit the Holy Sanctuaries and perform Hajj pilgrimage. In 961, he affiliated himself with a Sufi shaykh called Amīr Yūnus Muhammad Naqshbandī Ahrārī (d. Rabī al-Awwal 961 AH), and after his death, he became a disciple of Khwāja Saʻīd ad-Dīn Saʻīd, son of Khwāja Muhammad Islām Jūybārī.

Shaykh Badruddīn Badrī Kashmīrī
Khwāja Saʻīd ad-Dīn Saʻīd
Khwāja Muhammad Islām Jūybārī (d.971 AH)
Makhdūm-i-Aʻzam Khwāja Ahmad Kāsānī
Mawlānā Muhammad Qāzī
Khwāja Ubaydullāh Ahrār (d.895 AH)
His writings include:

Miʻrāj al-Kāmilīn (written 981 or 983 AH): merits and biography of Khwāja Saʻīd ad-Dīn Saʻīd
Rawḍat al-Jamāl
Sirāj al-Ṣāliḥīn: biography of his first shaykh Amīr Yūnus Muhammad
Dīwān: poetry
Rawḍat al-Riḍwān: biographies of the Sufi masters of Jūybār (manuscript in Uzbekistan)
Many smaller collections of his poetry

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