As iron’s atomic number is encoded in the sura that mentions iron,
there is also a sign in that sura about iron’s isotopes.
The word “al hadid,” which refers to a particular iron, has a mathematical value of 57. The article “al” corresponds to “the” in English.
When the word hadid is used with the article “al,” referring to a specific iron, the mathematical value turns out to be 57.
Alif = 1
Lam = 30
Ha = 8
Dal = 4
Ya = 10
Dal = 4
Total = 57
1. The sura Iron (Hadid) is the 57th sura of the Quran. And 57 is
one of the isotopes of iron.
2. The sura Iron (Hadid) is the 58th sura from the end of the
Quran. That is another isotope of iron.
3. This sura has 29 numbered verses. This number becomes 30
when the unnumbered Basmalah is counted. These two numbers (29
and 30) are equal to the neutron numbers of two isotopes of iron,
from the total of four. The frequency of the word God in this sura
gives the neutron number of the other isotope.

The word =Mathematical value of the word
The iron(al hadid) =57
One of iron’s isotopes =57
What is the sura number of the sura the Iron?= 57

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