The derivatives of the word “year” (sinet, sinin) are mentioned 19
times in the Quran. The solar and lunar calendars need correction
because of the leap year. When the world revolves around the sun 365
times, the moon revolves around the earth and itself 12 times. This
constitutes a year. But when the earth completes its revolution and
arrives at the starting point, the moon is behind schedule. It takes the
earth and the moon 19 years to meet at the same starting point. This
cycle of 19 years is called the Meton cycle. The lunar calendar, rearranged every 19 years, ends up with 7 leap years (355 days) and 12
full years (354 days) during this period. It is also another surprising
characteristic of the miracles that the singular year (sinet) is used 7
times, whereas the plural year (sinin) is used 12 times in the Quran.
And all the derivatives of the word “year” are used 19 times, an indication of the Meton cycle.

The word  =Number of occurrences
Year =19
In how many years does a
Meton cycle occur? =19

The earth lines up with the sun and the moon every 19 years. In
the Quran, the words “sun” and “moon” are used in the same verses
exactly 19 times; the same number that makes a “Meton cycle” corresponds to the number of times the word “year” is used in the
Quran. It is interesting to note that on the 19th time, these two words
are used together, we have the following verse:
9- And the sun and the moon are conjoined.
75-The Resurrection, 9
The overlapping of the meaning and of the mathematical concordance is a miracle. Now let us look at the table where the words “sun”
and “moon” are used together (In the 41st sura, verse 37, these words
are used twice).

Repetitions Suras Verses
1 6 96
2 7 54
3 10 5
4 12 4
5 13 2
6 14 33
7 16 12
8 21 33
9 22 18
10 29 61
11 31 29
12 35 13
13 36 40
14 39 5
15 41 37
16 41 37
17 55 5
18 71 16
19 75 9

If you add up the numbers of the suras and the verses in which
these words are used:
+9=1083 (19×57) and 57= the number 19×3.
Please keep in mind this concordance formed by the multiples of
19, and remember it, in the following chapters on the miraculous
number of 19.
The MMLC in the Quran shows itself both in the sura and verse
numbers. This proves that the Quran’s miraculous order covers even
the numbers of the suras and verses.

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