Ghadir Declaration Hadith 47,48& 49


“‘Umar ((رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)) said: one who has Allāh’s Messenger
) as his master has ‘Alī as his master.

“ Sālim narrates: ‘Umar was asked why he always
treated ‘Alī (AlahisSalam) differently from other Companions ((رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)).
(At this) ‘Umar () replied: Indeed that (‘Alī) is my

Related by Muhib Tabarī in ar-Riyād-un-nadrah fī manāqib-il-
‘ashrah (3:128).
Ibn ‘Asākir narrated it in Tārīkh Dimashq al-kabīr (45:178).

“Yazīd bin ‘Umar bin Muwarriq narrates: At one
occasion I was in Syria when ‘Umar bin ‘Abd-ul-‘Azīz
((رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)) was ladling out his blessings to the people. So I went
to him, he asked me which tribe did I belong to? I said: to
Quraysh. He asked: which (branch) of the Quraysh? I said:
Banī Hāshim. He asked: which (family) of Banī Hāshim.
The narrator say s: I kept silent. He asked (again): which
family of Banī Hāshim? I said: (the family) of master
(mawlā) ‘Alī. He asked me: who is ‘Alī? I kept quiet. The
narrator says he placed his han d on my chest an d said: By
Go d! I am a slave of ‘Alī bin Abī Tālib (AlahisSalam). And then
added: I have heard countless people say that they heard it
from the Prophet (صلى-الله-عليه-و-آله-وسلم
): one who has me as his master has

‘Alī as his master. Then he asked Muzāhim: How much
are yo u giving to the people of this category? He rep lied:
hundred or two h undred dirhams. At this h e said: give him
fifty dinār on account of his nearness to ‘Alī bin Abī Tālib (AlahisSalam) — an d ( according to the tradition) narrated by Ibn
Abī Dāwūd (he directed that he should be p aid) sixty dinār
— an d (facing him) he said: you go back to your city and
you will get your share equal to that of your tribesmen.

Abū Nu‘aym related it in Hilyat-ul-awliyā’ wa tabaqāt-ul-asfiyā’ (5:364); Ibn ‘Asākir, Tārīkh Dimashq al-kabīr (48:233; 69:127);
and Ibn Athīr in Asad-ul-ghābah fī ma‘rifat-is-sahābah

“It is narr ated by Zuhrī that Abū Junay dah Jun da‘ bin
‘Amr bin Māzin said: I heard the Prophet (صلى-الله-عليه-و-آله-وسلم
) said:

who so deliberately lied about me will go to hell
straightaway. I have heard it my self or I may grow deaf in
both ears. The Prophet (صلى-الله-عليه-و-آله-وسلم
) returned from Hajjat-ulwadā‘ and arrived at Ghadīr Kh um, and addressed the

people. He said while holding ‘Alī’s hand: one who has
me as his guardian has this (‘Alī) as h is guardian. O
Allāh! Befriend him who befriends him (‘Alī) an d be his
enemy who is h is (‘Alī’s) enemy.
“‘Ubay dullāh said: I said to Zuhrī: Don’t say these
things in Syria, otherwise, yo u will hear so much against
‘Alī (AlahisSalam) that your ears will get sore. (In reply to it) Zuhrī said: By Go d! There are so many qualities of ‘Alī (AlahisSalam) safe
and secure with me that if I narrate them I may be


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