Ghadir Declaration Hadith 20,21&22

“It is narrated by Jarīr ((رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)) that at the ccasion of
Hajjat-ul-wadā‘ we were with the Messenger of Allāh
(). We reached a place called Ghadīr Khum. When the
call came for con gregational prayer, all the (Makkan)
Immigrants an d (Medinan) Helpers rallied there. Then the
Prophet () stood bet ween us an d addressed us: O
people! What witness do yo u bear ? They said: We bear
witness that there is no god but Allāh . He said: Then
what? They said: Surely Muhammad (صلى-الله-عليه-و-آله-وسلم) is His Abd
and Messenger. He said: then who is your guardian ? They
said: Allāh  and His Messenger. Then added: who else
is your guardian? Then he made ‘Alī (AlahisSalam) stand up by
holding  his hand an d, holding (‘Alī’s) both arms said:
This (‘Alī) is his master whose master is Allāh  and
His Messenger. O Allāh! Be his friend who befriends him
an d be h is enemy who is his (‘Alī’s) enemy. O Allāh!
Love him who loves him (‘Alī) from among the people an d bear malice towards him who bears malice towards
him (‘Alī).”

Tabarānī transmitted it in al-Mu‘jam-ul-kabīr (2:357 # 2505);
Haythamī, Majma‘-uz-zawā’id (9:106); Ibn ‘Asākir, Tārīkh
Dimashq al-kabīr (45:179); and Hindī in Kanz-ul-‘ummāl (13:138,
139 # 36437).

“‘Amr bin Dhī Mur ((رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)) an d Zay d bin Arqam ((رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)) have
narrated that the Prophet () delivered an address on the
day of Ghadīr Khum. He said: One who has me as his
master has ‘Alī as his master. O Allāh! Be his friend who
befriends him an d be h is enemy who is his enemy, and
help him who helps him an d assist him who assists him.

Tabarānī related it in al-Mu‘jam-ul-kabīr (5:192 # 5059);
Haythamī, Majma‘-uz-zawā’id (9:104, 106); Hindī, Kanz-ul-
‘ummāl (11:609 # 32946); and Ibn Kathīr in al-Bidāyah wannihāyah (4:170).
Nasā’ī has reproduced it in Khasā’is amīr-il-mu’minīn ‘Alī bin
Abī Tālib (pp.100,101 # 96) on the authority of ‘Amr Dhī Mur.

Exegetes and hadīth-scholars have described the following
narration in the mode of revelation of the verse:
 Today, I have perfected your religion
for you.“Abū Hur ayrah ((رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)) has narrated that one  who fasted
on 18 Dhul-hijjah will receive a reward equal to 60
months of fasting. This was the day of Ghadīr Khum when
the Prophet (صلى-الله-عليه-و-آله-وسلم), holding ‘Alī bin Abī Tālib’s hand, said:
Am I not the guardian of the believers? They said: why
not, O messenger of Allāh! He said: One who has me as
his master has ‘Alī as his master. At this ‘Umar bin alKhattāb ((رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)) said: congratulation ! O Ibn Abī Tālib! You
are my master and (the master of) every Muslim. (On this
occasion ) Allāh revealed this verse: To day, I have
perfected your religion for you.”

Qur’ān (al-Mā’idah, the Table spread) 5:3.
2. Khatīb Baghdādī related it in Tārīkh Baghdad (8:290); Wāhidī,
Asbāb-un-nuzūl (p.108); Rāzī, at-Tafsīr-ul-kabīr (11:139); Ibn
‘Asākir, Tārīkh Dimashq al-kabīr (45:176,177); Ibn Kathīr, al-Bidāyah wan-nihāyah (5:464); and Tabarānī in al-Mu‘jam-ulawsat (3:324#).
Ibn ‘Asākir narrated it through Abū Sa‘īd al-Khudrī in Tārīkh
Dimashq al-kabīr (45:179)
Suyūtī said in ad-Durr-ul-manthūr fit-tafsīr bil-ma’thūr (2:259) that the verse (5:3) revealed when the Prophet () said
on the day of Ghadīr Khum:
من كنت مولاه فعلي مولاه.
One who has me as his master has ‘Alī as his


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