Quran and Modern Science ::FAULTS ON THE EARTH’S SURFACE

12- By the fractured earth.
86-The Knocker, 12
In the verse preceding the above verse (The Knocker, verse 11), the
returning property of the sky was stressed; this refers to phenomena
unknown to men 1400 years ago (Chapter 20 of the present book).
In the above verse there are also factual implications that the public
during the Prophet’s time did not know. As faults had not yet been
discovered, the verse was believed to refer to the opening of the earth
for the sprouting of vegetation.
In the post-Second World War years, scientists intensified submarine research activity with a view to having access to precious metals
and minerals. During this research work, they came across something
quite unexpected; the bottom of the seas were covered with fissures
that came to be called “faults” or “cracks.” If we draw an analogy
between the period that has elapsed since the second world war until
today with the period that has elapsed from the time of the descent of
the Quran 1400 years ago, when there was reference to this information in the Quran, we can better appreciate the value of this reference.
The Quran now draws our attention to the sky, now to the earth, displaying the hidden mysteries and inciting us to inquire into them. As
is the case with the sky, so it is with the depths of the earth-endless
mysteries waiting to be unraveled. The “fractured earth” referred to in the verse is of towering importance from the point of view of establishing a connection between the magma under the ground and the
surface. These cracks also play a decisive role in the formation of the
submarine topography.
Information about the faults is also important as it provides us with
detailed knowledge about earthquakes. Big earthquakes occur along
the fault lines on the crust. Differentiated movements in the huge
masses of substrata form a strain along the fault line. The rocks on
each side of the cracks try to resist it before the crust gives way.
In any single earthquake, the amount of slip, in other words the
relative displacement of the two fault surfaces, may be a few inches, it
is so even in big earthquakes. Studies have been carried out on faults
to map out the regions likely to suffer greater damages, the requirements for the construction of edifices to resist the tremor.
The greatest fault upon the earth is the one that stretches from
Greenland’s offshore to Antarctica. The second largest one stretches
along the Pacific Ocean along the Western shore of North and South
America. The third important fault lies in the depths of the Asian continent under the Himalayas and follows the South Asian direction.
Along with these greater ones there are shorter ones as well.
The Quran directs our attention to places where earthquakes can
be expected to take place. If we give up our custom of reciting the
Quran merely for the souls of those who have departed, and take it as
a guide for our life, we can reach the truth hidden in it.
89- We have sent down to you a Book explaining all things,
a guide, a mercy and glad tidings for those who submit.
16-The Honeybee, 89