Imam Ali quotes in the topic of the Merits of the Companions

1- “I was told that some people prefer me over Abu Bakr and Omar! If I had went ahead (in giving a warning) I would have punished, but I dislike punishing without precaution. Whoever says something like this is a slanderer, and upon him is what is upon a slanderer (in punishment). The best of people is the messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – , then after the messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – come Abu Bakr and Omar. We have acted upon matters in which Allah will judge as He wishes.”

Al-Sunnah by Ibn Abi Asim (993)

2- When asked about his rank among the Companions of the Prophet – peace be upon him – , he replied, “I am but a man from among the Muslims.”

Saheeh Al-Bukhari (3671)

3- “May Allah have mercy upon Abu Bakr, for he was the first to gather (the Qur’an) that which is between the two covers.”

Musannaf Ibn Abi Shayba (35751)

4- “We would not feel that it was improbable that serenity spoke upon the tongue of Omar.”

Al-Ma’rifa by Ya’qoub bin Sufyan 1/461

5- At the funeral of Omar he said, “After you, there is nobody that I would rather meet my Lord with his deeds than you. By Allah, I felt that He would place you with your companions, for I would always hear from the prophet of Allah – peace be upon him – saying, ‘Abu Bakr, Omar, and I went… Abu Bakr, Omar, and I entered… Abu Bakr, Omar, and I left…”

Al-Bukhari (3677, 3685)

6- At the first night of Ramadan, Ali bin Abi Talib came out to find the lanterns twinkling and the Qur’an being recited in the mosques. He then said: “May Allah enlighten your grave o’ Omar bin Al-Khattab just as you have enlightened the mosques of Allah.”

Al-Mawsu’ah by Ibn Abi Al Dunyah 1/ 369

7- “O’ people, do not be extreme (in your views) about Uthman. Do not say but good in the masahif and the burning of the masahif. He did not do what he did with a large number of us… If I was in his position, I would have done the same.”

Ibn Abi Dawud in Al-Masahif p. 28-29

8- Upon hearing that the army of A’isha was cursing the killers of Uthman, he raised he hands to the level of his face, and said, “And I curse the killers of Uthman, may Allah damn them in the valleys and in the mountains.”

Musnad Ahmad (733)

9- On the day of Siffeen, an enemy shouted, “Vengeance for Uthman!” Ali bin Abi Talib replied, “O’ Allah, cause the killers of Uthman to plunge onto their nostrils.”

Ibn Shibbah in Akhbar Al-Madinah 2/275

10- On the day of the death of Abdul-Rahman bin Awf, he said, “Go on Ibn Awf, for you have witnessed the pure spring and you have left before arriving the dirty pond.”

Ibn Sa’ad in Al-Tabaqat 3/135

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