Huzoor SALLALLAHU-TA’AALA-ALAIHI-WASALLAM Ke Ilm May Ta-an Karna Munafiq Ka Kaam


Huzoor SALLALLAHU-TA’AALA-ALAIHI-WASALLAM Ek Dafa Kahin Tashrif Le Jarahe The Ki Raaste May Aapki Unthni Goom Hogayi! Zaid Ibne Salat Ek Munafiq Ne Kaha Ki Mohammad Agar Nabi Hain To Apni Unthni Ke Mutaallik Kyon Nahi Bata Deta Ki Wo Kahan Hain? Waise To Uska Daawa Hain Ki Wo Aasmaan Ki Khabren Batata Hain! Magar Wo Apni Unthni Ki Khaber Nahi Rakhta!
Huzoor SALLALLAHU-TA’AALA-ALAIHI-WASALLAM Ko Uski Is Baat Ka Pata Chala To Aapne Farmaya, Fala Shaks Mere Mutaallik Aisa Kehta Hain, Halaanki Mujhe ALLAH-TA’AALA Jis Baat Ki Khaber Deta Hain Main Use Jaanta Hoon! Main Apni Unthni Ke Mutaallik Bhi Jaanta Hoon Ki Wo Kahan Hain? Meri Unthni Fala Waadhi Aur Fala Ghaati Ke Paas Khadi Hain Aur Uski Nakail Ek Darakht Ne Pakad Rakkhi Hain! Yani Uski Nakail Ek Darakht Se Atki Hui Hain! Unthni Wahin Khadi Hain! Jao Use Wahan Se Le Aao! Chunanche, Sahaba Kiraam Gaye Aur Unthni Ko Wahin Khada Paya! Use Le Aaye!

(Jaadul Ma-aad Jild-3, Pg-5)

Malum Hua Ki Huzoor SALLALLAHU-TA’AALA-ALAIHI-WASALLAM Ke Ilm May Ta-an Karna Munafiq Ka Kaam Hain! Jo Sacche Musalman Hain Wo Huzoor SALLALLAHU-TA’AALA-ALAIHI-WASALLAM Ke Ilm Ke Dil Wa Jaan Se Kayal Hain! Maante Hain Ki Hamare Aaka Wa Maula Huzoor SALLALLAHU-TA’AALA-ALAIHI-WASALLAM Ko ALLAH-TA’AALA Ki Taalim Se Har Baat Ka Ilm Hain!

Betiya’n Allah ki neimat hain…


Ek Shakhs Ke Yaha Sirf BETIYA [Girl] Hi Thi Har Martaba Us Ko Ummid Hoti Ke Is Martaba BETA Peda Hoga
Magar Har Baar Ladki Hi Peda Hoti
Aisa Karte Karte Us Ke Yaha 6 Ladkiya Ho Gai Us Ki Biwi Phir Se HAMELA[PREGNET]-Huwi,
Who DAR Raha Tha Ke Kahi Phir Se Ladki Na Peda Ho Jaye Sheitan Ne Us Ko BEHKAYA Ke Agr Is Martaba Bhi Ladki Peda Huwi To Me Apni Biwi Ko TALAAQ De Dunga
Jab Who RAAT Ko Soya To Us Ne Ek AJEEB o GAREEB KHWAB Dekha
Us Ne Dekha Ke QAYAMAT BARPA Ho Chuki He
Is Ke GUNAAH Bahut Ziyada He Jis Ki Wajah Se Us Par JAHANNAM WAJIB Ho Chuki He Lihaza Farishto Ne Us Ko Pakara Or Us Ko Jahannam Ki Taraf Le Gaye Jab Pehle Darwaze Par Gaye To Dekha Ke Darwaze Par Us Ki Ek Ladki Khari He
Jis Ne Us Ko Jahannam Me Jane Se Rok Diya
Phir Farishte Us Ko Dusre Darwaze Par Le Gaye
To Waha
Us Ki Dusri Ladki Khari Thi Jo Us Ke Liye AAR
Ban Gai
Phir Farishte 3 4 5 6 Darwaze Par Le Gaye
Lekin Har Darwaze Par Us Ki Koi Ladki Khari
Hoti Jo Us Ko
Jahannam Me Jane Se Rokti Rahi
Farishte Us Ko Le Kar 7 Darwaze Par Le Gaye
Ab Us Ko GHABHRAHAT Hone Lagi Ke
Ab Us Darwaze Par Mere Liye Kon Rukawat
Us Ko Maloom Ho Gaya Ke Jo TALAAQ Ki Niyyat
Us Ne Ki Thi
Who Galat He
Who Bahut Pareshan Huwa or Usi Khouf or
Pareshani Ke Aalam Me Us Ki AANKH Khul Gai
Us Ne ALLAH Ke Samne Hath Uthaya Or Duwa
Mangi Ke
YA ALLAH Mujhe 7 Ladki Ata Farma.

(Ref:Sunehri Kirne)

So Dosto Betiya Allah Ki Rahmat He Allah Hame sahi Samajh Ata Farmaye (AAMEEN)

Hadith Collections


The Prophet Muhammad (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) has said:

1. Spread the salaam amongst yourselves. (Muslims)

2. Before speaking the salaam should be said. (Tirmizi)

3. Those who are nearest to God are they who are first to give a salutation (Salaam). (Tirmidhi)

4. Fasting is a shield (from sins). (Tirmizi)

5. Cleanliness is a part of the Faith. (Tirmizi)

6. Actions depend on their intention. (Bukhari)

7. A Muslim is a brother of a Muslim. (Bukhari)

8. The one who recites the Quran and the one who listens to it have an equal share in the reward. (Bukhari)

9. The best of you is the one who learned and taught the Quran. (Bukhari)

10. Feed the hungry, visit the sick and free the captive. (Bukhari)

11. Salaat is a pillar of the Deen. (Tabrani)

12. A man follows the religion of his close friend, so each of you should be very careful about whom he takes as a close friend. (Abu Dawud)

13. When any of you eats, he should eat with his right hand and when he drinks he should drink with his right hand. (Muslim)

14. Mention God’s name, eat with your right hand and eat from what is next to you. (Bukhari)

15. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) forbade that a man should drink standing. (Muslim)

16. The strong man is not the good wrestler; the strong man is only the one who controls himself when he is angry. (Bukhari)

17. When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down. (Ahmad)

18. God will not show mercy to him who does not show mercy to others. (Bukhari).

19. Sadqa given to a poor man is just Sadqa, but when given to a relative it serves a double purpose, being both Sadqa and a connecting link. (Tirmidhi).

20. If you spend (to help others), O son of Adam! I (God) shall spend on you. (Bukhari)

21. It is better for a man to give a dirham as Sadqa during his lifetime than to give a hundred at the time of his death. (Abu Dawud)

22. When a man dies no further reward is recorded for his actions, with three exceptions: Sadqa which continues to be supplied, or knowledge from which benefit continues to be reaped, or the prayers of a good son to his dead father. (Muslim)

23. The best house among the Muslims is the one which contains an orphan who is well treated, and the worst house among the Muslims is the one which contains an orphan who is badly treated. (Ibn Majah)

24. The best sadqa is that a muslim man learns knowlege (of the Deen) and then teaches it to his Muslim brothers. (Ibn-e-Majah)

25. The Lord’s good pleasure results from a father’s good pleasure, and the Lord’s displeasure results from the father’s displeasure. (Tirmidhi)

26. One who cuts ties of (blood) relationship will not enter paradise. (Muslim).

27. Do not wear silk, for those who wear it in this life shall not wear it in the Hereafter. (Muslim)

28. Whoever eats or drinks from gold or silver utensils, is indeed filling his stomach with the fire of hell. (Muslim)

29. Assuredly the angels do not enter a house in which there are statues or figures. (Bukhari)

30. Announce your Nikkah (marriage). (Tirmizi)

31. Nikkah (marriage) is my Sunnat. (Ibn-e-Majah)

32. Whoever turns from my sunnah is not from me. (Bukhari)

33. When one of you is invited to a marriage feast, he should go to it. (Bukhari)

34. Among lawful things divorce is most hated by Allah. (Abu Dawud)

35. If any woman asks her husband for divorce without some strong reason, the odour of paradise will be forbidden for her. (Tirmidhi)

36. He who goes out in search of knowledge is in God’s path till he returns. (Tirmidhi)

37. To learn the Knowledge of the Deen is fard upon every Muslim man and woman. (Ibn-e-Majah)

38. Anyone who shows the way to something good has the same reward as the person who does it. (Muslim)

39. The man who is most hateful to God is the one who quarrels and disputes most. (Bukhari)

40. None of you can truly be said to believe until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself. (Agreed upon)

41. God does not look at your forms and possessions, but He looks at your hearts and your deeds. (Muslim)

42. When one of you looks at someone who is superior to him in property and appearance, he should look at someone who is inferior to him. (Bukhari)

43. This world is the prison of the believer and the paradise of the unbeliever. (Muslim)

44. Whoever remains quiet attains salvation. (Tirmizi)

45. Anyone who safeguards for My sake what is between his jaws and what is between his legs, I will safeguard Jannah (Paradise) for him. (Agreed upon)

46. It is not allowable for a man to come in between two people without their permission. (Tirmidhi)

47. The distinguishing factor between kufr and Imaan is the deliberate neglect of Salaat (Prayer). (Muslim)

48. A Muslim has five duties towards another Muslim; to return a salutation (Salaam), visit the sick, follow funerals, accept an invitation and say ‘God have mercy on you’ when one sneezes. (Muslim)

49. He who believes in God and the Last Day should honour his guest; he who believes in God and the Last Day should not annoy his neighbours; and he who believes in God and the Last Day should say what is good or keep silent. (Bukhari)

50. There are three signs of a hypocrite: when he speaks he speaks lies, when he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is trusted he betrays his trust. (Bukhari)

51. Seventy thousand of my people will enter paradise without being taken to account. They are those who do not use spells or take omens, but put their trust in their Lord. (Bukhari)

52. I and the one who takes responsibility for an orphan, whether his own kin or of others, will be in paradise thus,” and he pointed his forefinger and the middle finger with a slight space between them. (Bukhari)



Abu Hurayra once said that people asked the Messenger of God, “Will we see our Lord on the Day of Judgment?”

To which Prophet Muhammad replied, “Do you find any difficulty seeing a full-moon on a cloud-less night?”
They said, “No, Messenger of God”.
He said, “How about the Sun, do you find any difficulty seeing it on a cloud-less day?”
They said, “No”.
The Prophet said, “That’s how it will be.

People will be resurrected on the day of Judgment and it will be said, ‘Follow whatever you used to worship!’ So some people will follow the Sun, and others will follow the moon, and others will follow Tyrants. However, this Ummah, along with its hypocrites, will stay put, and God will come and say ‘I am your Lord’. [Not having seen God before, and confused by the whole experience] They will say ‘We’re not going anywhere until our Lord comes, and when He comes, we will recognize Him’. Then God will come to them and say ‘I am your Lord’. Then they will [realize and] say ‘[Wow!!!] You are our Lord!’, and they will follow Him.

[The Messenger of God then continued] “Then the Sirat (Path) will be cast across Jahannam (Hell), and I and my Ummah will be the first to cross it. No one on that day will speak expect the Messengers [of God], and all what they will say on that day will be ‘Please God, get us out of this safely!’ (Allahumma Sallim Sallim). Jahannam will be full of hooks and thorns that snatch people, all according to their deeds. Some will fall in because of their deeds, and others will be cut and shredded until they cross to the other side. Then when God would want to have mercy over the people in the Fire, He will command the Angels to take out everyone who used to worship God, and they will do so. The Angels will recognize them by their prostration marks, as God has prohibited the Fire from burning them and the son of Adam will be consumed by the Fire except for his prostration marks. They will come out charred and the Water of Life will be poured on them after which they will rise again the way a seed germinates after rain.

[Continuing] “Then, after God judges between everyone, a man will remain between the Fire and Paradise*. He will be removed from the Fire but his face will be fixed towards it, so he will cry: ‘Please God, let me face elsewhere! Its heat has dried me and its wind has burnt me!’
God will say: ‘If you are granted this wish, will you ask for anything else?’

He will cry: ‘No!! I swear by your Greatness I will not!’
And he will continue to promise and pledge not to ask anything else, until his face will be directed away from the Fire and towards Paradise. He will see its beauty… but [remembering his promise] will remain silent. He will stay silent for a long, long, time, then eventually [unable to bear any longer] will cry: ‘Please Lord, please bring me forward… just to the Gate of Paradise!! …’
God will say: ‘Didn’t you promise that you wouldn’t ask for anything else?’

The man will cry: ‘But Lord, please don’t make me the most miserable of your creation!’
God will say: ‘If I grant you your wish then do not ask for anything else?!’
He will cry: ‘I won’t!!! I promise, I swear by you Greatness I will not!’

And he will continue to promise and pledge not to ask for anything else, until he is brought to the Gate of Paradise. When he reaches it, he will look inside and see its vigor, charm and pleasure… but [remembering his promise] will remain silent. He will stay silent for a long, long time, then eventually [unable to bear any longer] will cry: ‘O Lord… please… please let me enter Paradise!!’

God will say: ‘You’re unbelievable! How treacherous can you get Son of Adam?! Didn’t you make all those promises and pledges not to ask for anything else?’
But the man will cry: ‘But Lord, please don’t make me the most miserable of your creation!’

So God, the exalted, will Laugh, and allow the man to enter Paradise. Then God will tell him, ‘Make a wish!’
And the man will keep on wishing and wishing and asking for so many things until he can’t find anything else to ask for. Then God will help him out and remind him saying, ‘How about this… and how about that?’ And then, when the man is completely satisfied, God will say, ‘All your wishes will be granted… and doubled!’

When Abu Hurayra finished narrating this prophetic saying, Abu Saeed interjected:
“But Abu Hurayra! The Messenger of God said, ‘All your wishes will be granted… and multiplied by ten!’
Abu Hurayra: “I only remember that they will be doubled.”
Abu Saeed: “No, no… [trust me]… they will be multiplied by ten!”
Abu Hurayra said:” He is the last of the people of Fire to enter paradise”

Source: Al-Bukhari’s Book of Authentic Prophetic Sayings (Sahih al-Bukhari) #806 (or #770 depending on copy)

SUBHANALLAH this is Our LORD the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

Allah ki Raah me kharch karo.



एक शख्स था जो इतना गरीब था कि कभी उसे पेट भर खाना नही मिला उसने बचपन से ही फाके के दिन काटे
एक दिन उस शख्स कि मुलाकात हज़रते मुसा अलैहिस्सलाम हो गई उसने हज़रते मुसा अलैहिस्सलाम से कहा कि आप अल्लाह के नबी है आप कलीमुल्लाह हे अल्लाह ने आपसे कलाम किया है आप अल्लाह से कहिये कि मेरी बची हुवी ज़िन्दगी कि सारी रोज़ी अल्लाह मुझे आज हि दे दे ताकि मेरी ज़िन्दगी के एक दिन तो मे पेट भर के खाना खालु !
हज़रते मुसा अलैहिस्सलाम ने अल्लाह से दुआ कि और अल्लाह ने बची हुवी ज़िन्दगी का सारा रिज़्क उस शख्स को एक हि दिन मे दे दिया.
अब वो शख्स खाना खाने बैठा और पेट भर के खाना खाया लेकिन फिर भी खाना बच गया क्योकि इन्सान तो इतना हि खा सकता है जितनी उसकी पेट मे जगह है, लेकिन उस शख्स ने बचा हुवा खाना अल्लाह का नाम लेकर गरीबो मिस्किनो मे बाँट दिया !
फिर अल्लाह ने दुसरे दिन उस शख्स को दुगना रिज़्क दे दिया फिर उसने पेट भर के खाया और बचा हुवा अल्लाह के नाम पर गरीबो मिस्किनो को दे दिया !
फिर तीसरे दिन अल्लाह ने उस शख्स को तीन गुना रिज़्क दे दिया इस तरह ये हाल हो गया कि एक मैदान मे बहुत सारे लोगो को वो खाना खिलाने लगा और उस शख्स कि गरीबी दुर हो गई।
हज़रते मुसा अलैहिस्सलाम का जब उधर से गुज़र हुवा तो आप उस शख्स को देख कर हैरान हो गये अल्लाह कि बारगाह मे अर्ज़ कि या अल्लाह इस शख्स को तो तुने इसकी ज़िन्दगी का सारा रिज़्क एक दिन दे दिया था इसकी हालत तो ये होना चाहिये थी कि ये भुख से मर रहा होता (क्योकि इन्सान तो इतना हि खा सकता है जितनी उसके पेट मे जगह है सारी ज़िन्दगी का रिज़्क एक दिन मे तो नही खा सकता)
फिर ये शख्स इतने लोगो को खिलाने वाला कैसे बन गया ..?
अल्लाह ने फरमाया ऐ मुसा अगर ये शख्स हमारी राह मे लोगो को खिलाना बन्द कर दे तो हम इसको देना बन्द कर देगे ये हमारी राह मे खर्च करने कि बरकत है
#‎मुकाशिफतुल‬ कुलुब सफा 423
: ‪#‎अल्लाह__कि_‬ राह_ मे_ खर्च करने से कमी नही होती बल्कि अल्लाह रहमतो और बरकतो के दरवाज़े खोल देता है
👉दुआ-: या अल्लाह हमे वही मालो दौलत दे जो हम तेरी राह में और दीन के कामो मे खर्च कर सके !
आमीन…सुम्मा आमीन