his chapter discusses those ethics that guides a Mureed towards great spiritual success. A person can reach his goal if he obediently executes them regularly. If these are carried out in the presence of one’s Murshid, then one’s struggle is greatly reduced. The company of one’s Murshid increases his potentials immensely. Here are a few ethics:


Firstly, a Mureed must avoid seeking anything from any creation other than Allah I.  This is so because when you become the beloved of Allah I, then His entire creation becomes subjugated to you.  Thus, it is wisely said:

من له المولى فله الكل*

One who becomes a beloved of the Master, then

everything becomes his.

Almighty Allah I gave preference to the words of Sayyiduna Nabi Ibrahim u because of his great love for Allah I. This Ummah is blessed with ten of this noble Prophet’s Sunnahs (Traditions).

When Nimrod placed Sayyiduna Ibrahim u in a leather sling and threw him into a bonfire, Sayyiduna Jibra’eel u immediately arrived accompanied with 70 000 Angels of Mercy.  The Angel said to the Prophet of Allah I:

هل لك حاجة؟ *

Have you any desires or requests?

The Prophet of Allah I replied:

امّا إليك فلا *

Yes, but not from you.

(Meaning that, those who submit themselves totally to Allah I, always depend on Him Alone.)  “Hence, I am also dependent as you are dependent on Almighty Allah I, therefore I do not require your assistance.  It is foolish to seek assistance from someone who is dependent. This displays ignorance of the Sublime Lord I . ” The Angel was amazed at this answer.  Since the entire creation of Allah I loves those whom Allah I loves, thus the love for the Prophet was increased in the heart of the Angel. 

So the Angel Jibra’eel u said: “Fine! If you do not have any desires so be it.  But if you have any requests from Allah I, I can convey it to His Divine Court with great speed.”

Sayyiduna Ibrahim u replied:

حسبي من سوالي علمه بحالي *

He (Allah I) is certainly Aware of my desires and

what is sufficient for me.

(Meaning, I don’t have to request of Him for anything because He is All-Knowing.) When Sayyiduna Jibra’eel u heard this answer, he became silent and observed the noble Prophet sitting relaxed in the huge bonfire.  The fire of Nimrod changed to a comfortable garden instead of burning the Prophet of Allah u. Sayyiduna Jibra’eel u at once realised the lofty pedestal of Sayyiduna Ibrahim u.

This is indeed a very high pitch of Imaan. Such Imaan is only found in the hearts of the super-elite servants (Ambiyah) of Allah I This incident proves that it is unethical to seek any sort of assistance from anyone other than the Supreme Lord. Such a quest is against the morals of Love.


 sincere Mureed should always utter words that resemble modesty, poverty and submission.  Nothing otherwise should be mentioned. He must not complain about anything at any time.  The status of the Awliya is indeed most elevated.  At times these intimate servants utter words that may literary sound detrimental. Such statements should be observed in the light of Love and devotion to the Supreme Creator, Allah I. 

Listed below are some sayings extracted from the Holy Quran and Ahadith Ash-Shareef.  In the Holy Quran it is recorded that Sayyiduna Moosa u once said to Allah I:

ان هى الّا فتنتك*

This is nothing but Your (Allah’s) Test.

Sayyiduna Ibrahim u said:

يجادلنا في قوم لوط *

He (Allah I) Argued with me concerning the nation of Loot.

Sayyiduna Noah u said:

انك ان تذرهم يضلّوا عبادك و لا يلدوا الا فاجراً كفّارا *

Verily, if You (Allah I) let them stay, then they will mislead Your servants, and if they have any children, then they too

will be nothing but evil and ungrateful.

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r states in a Hadith Shareef:

اللهم ان تهلك هذه العصابة لن تعبد في الارض ابدا *

O Allah I! If this is what You Ordain that none worships

You on this earth, then grant the disbelievers all the power

and strength so that they may destroy this small group

of Believers (Muslims).

In another Hadith Shareef it is stated: 

اذن لا ارضى و واحد من امتي في النار *

I will not be in peace as long as any of my followers

be in the Fire of Hell.

Never misinterpret these words of the confidant and beloved of Allah I. Allah forbid! If you do so, then it will result in total destruction. They themselves did not make these comments. They were Divinely inspired to say so. In fact, the Qudrat of Allah I Spoke through their tongues.  Therefore, it is most important for a Mureed to always be cautious and not exceed the limits of one’s understanding.


n the path of Sulook, a Mureed must never divulge to anyone any secret bestowed upon him by Almighty Allah I. If Allah I, the Supreme, grants the Saalik the privilege to change something on the sacred Tablet of Records, he should not regard this happening due to his personal power.  His spiritual state is at all times dependent on Almighty Allah I. If this is not so, then there will exist the dangers of pride and vanity. Such pride leads one to spiritual destruction. When a Saalik performs his Fardh and Nafil Salaah, he is blessed with the intimacy to Allah I. This is indeed a secret blessing from the Merciful Allah I and should be kept a secret at all times. Do not disclose this to anyone. Adopt a low profile when questioned about it. This will be advantageous for further spiritual advancement.


ne must always be cautious that the All-Powerful Allah I is always fully Aware of one’s internal and external conditions. This means that one’s fundamental belief must be that Allah I Knows everything about one’s condition. Furthermore, by the Grace of Allah I, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r too, is fully aware of the Saalik’s external and internal condition.  Therefore, whilst holding such a unique belief, the Saalik will never oppose Allah I and His Beloved Rasool r at any time or place. It is stated:

الشيخ في قومه كالنبيّ في امته

)In light of guidance) ِِِa Murshid amongst his disciples is

like a Prophet amongst his nation.

Hence, the Saalik must also regard his Murshid-e-Kaamil to be aware of his entire condition at all times. This is so because the Murshid is a representative of the Supreme Lord I and a viceroy of the Glorious Prophet of Allah I. Hence, one will avoid the opposition of his Murshid, because opposition to the Murshid is direct disagreement to Allah I and His Rasool r.


o matter how big or small an act may be, always follow the Shari’ah. This means that you should do everything in accordance to the Sunnah of the Beloved Nabi r.  This is the only way that one can achieve the Pleasures of Allah I. To follow any path other than that of the Shari’ah is the path of the Cursed Shaytaan.


reat reverence and respect must be shown at all times to those noble personalities who are from the sacred family of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r, that is, Sa’daat (descendants of the Nabi r), Masha’ikh-e-Kaamil (The pious spiritual Masters and Awliya) and Ulama-e-Islam. They must be regarded as chosen and the representatives of Sayyidul Alameen r, therefore they must be respected.


he Mureed must always regard his Murshid as the greatest Sheikh on earth.  Likewise, whatever benefits and success the Mureed achieves in this mundane world is all due to the Du’as of his Murshid. Therefore, no other Murshid can assist him besides his own Sheikh. For salvation and guidance, the Murshid’s commands for a Mureed holds the same status to that of a Prophet’s command to his Ummah. This means that the commands of the Murshid-e-Kaamil are in fact the commands of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r.  One must not misunderstand this concept. This does not mean that the Murshid holds the same status of a Prophet.  It actually means that the Murshid is a subservient and a spiritual representative (Khalifa) of the beloved Prophet of Allah r


Mureed must regard himself at all times to be under the control of his Murshid-e-Kaamil. The behaviour of the Mureed in the presence of the Murshid must be similar to a corpse in the hands of the person bathing it.  Always consult your Murshid before performing any external or internal act, so much so that not even eating, drinking, or any movement is done without the approval of the Sheikh. 

A Mureed must fully discharge every command of the Murshid.  The Mureed must not use his own discretion to change any command of his Sheikh.  This is because the Sheikh knows best the condition and desires of the Mureed.  When a Mureed reaches this stage, then whatever doubt or fear arises in the heart, the Murshid will spiritual guide him and eliminate the discomforts of his heart.  A Mureed must have absolute faith and confidence in the Divine Powers of Almighty Allah I, which are always at the disposal of the Murshid.


piritual ecstasy is developed in the Mureed when he observes Divine Lustres in the path of Sulook (Spirituality).  Sometimes these experiences are beyond the imagination of the Saalik.  It is important for the Saalik to control himself when this happens and not to exceed his limitations.  Hence, a Saalik must not at any time claim similarity to his Murshid and Spiritual Masters.  In fact, it is best for him to exercise humility and regard himself inferior to them.  This practise, which is only blessed by the Mercy of Allah I, is the highest statues of humanity.

In a Hadith-al-Qudsi, Almighty Allah I Addresses His Beloved Habeeb r as follows:

لولاك لما خلقت الأفلاك *

O My Beloved! Had it not been for your creation I would

 not have created the skies.

This is indeed a great honour for Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r.  Despite this unique honour, the Glorious Prophet of Allah r always humbled himself and made the following Du’a:

اللهم أحيني مسكيناً و امتني مسكيناً و احشرني في زمرة  المساكين *

O Allah I! Keep me alive poor, raise me from the Duniya poor and Resurrect me on the Day of Qiyamah with the poor.

One can deduce the goodness of humility from this virtuous attitude.


ll your actions relating to the strengthening of the heart and soul, and your entire existence, may it be by the deceit of desire or virtues of piety, must be totally submitted to Allah I The Almighty, The Supreme. This means total obedience to the Supreme Lord I at all times.


bstain from the company of the general public and always control your lustful desires. Adopt seclusion and remove the worldly desires of pride from yourself.  By doing this it keeps one’s ten important senses intact (five external physical senses, i.e. Sight, Hearing, Smell, Feeling, and Taste and five internal mystical senses, i.e. Common Sense, Thought, Doubts, Memory, and Greed).  When all these ten senses are together, they will not suffer from depression, confusion or fear.  Hence, they achieve the closeness of Almighty Allah I.


s far as possible, eat and sleep very little.  The eminent Awliya and Mystics of the past abstained from food and drinks for as long as 12 years.  There are immense benefits in eating and sleeping less. Always consume little food in accordance to the Sunnah of the noble predecessors.

If the Mureed sincerely observes the twelve above-mentioned ethics then, the Merciful Allah I will be pleased with him. By the Grace of Allah I, an obedient Mureed will reach the ultimate goal if he carefully discharges all the commands of his Murshid-e-Kaamil, i.e. he will be blessed with the closeness to Allah I (Qurb-ilallah). 

The physical company of one’s Murshid-e-Kaamil is more virtuous than these twelve codes of Ethics.  This is because a single moment in the presence of the Murshid-e-Kaamil can eliminate countless obstacles and difficulties in the path of Sulook. Always remember that one of the greatest obstacles for a Mureed in this path is sitting in the company of people engrossed in this world.  The worldly people spend much time in obtaining knowledge of Deen, and doing good deeds by worshipping Allah I and following the path (Sunnah) of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r. Hence, they think that Allah I will bless them because of their good deeds.

O Beloved Mureed! This is certainly a dangerous and lustful desire. These thoughts are linked with Satanic conspiracies. They are very destructive for a Mureed of Sulook.  One should not worship Allah I for the greed of Jannah. Devotion must be based solely to achieve the Pleasure of the Merciful Allah I. If He blesses you with Jannah, then it is nothing but His ultimate Mercy, and if He sentences you to the Fire of Hell, then this by His ultimate Justice. A Saalik can easily understand the above advice. They are a gift from the secrets of the Eminent Spiritual Masters to the devout Saalik.


t is important to know that there are three types of Fana. Every person’s experience differs from others. A Saalik may achieve nothing from the world of Baqa (Eternal Existence) if he does not successfully complete all 3 stages of Fana. Since the subject of Fana and Baqa are very intense and intricate, therefore it will not be possible for me to fully explain it in this concise book. Nevertheless, I feel it important to briefly explain the subject of Fana because one cannot achieve spiritual tranquillity without it. Furthermore, it inculcates strength and encouragement in the heart of the Mureed to accomplish the stations of Sulook.  Thus, I will briefly explain the three types of Fana.


his stage is known as Fana-fish-Sheikh.  This means that a disciple (Mureed) engrosses himself so deeply in the thought of his Murshid that he completely forgets his own existence. This is the first step of spiritual extinction. Whatever he sees here, will be nothing but the vision of his Sheikh. Thus, he finds himself at all times in the presence of his Sheikh. In other words, the disciple totally forgets his existence and regards his Murshid’s existence as his own.  The movements of his body will be regarded as that of the Murshid’s.  Therefore, at all times, consider that the movements of his body are in total control of his Murshid, that is, the body of the Mureed actually becomes the body of the Murshid. The Mureed must realise that none other than his Murshid understands the concept of his physical existence. Therefore, the Mureed must also behave accordingly. In this stage, the Murshid is in total control of his existence.


his is the station of Fana-fir-Rasool. In this mystical stage, the sacred luminous face of the Holy Prophet r is always in front of him. This sanctified vision will then guide him in every avenue of life. Whatever Divine experiences and visions experienced by the Saalik in this station, is considered as the blessings of Sayyidul Alameen r.Never at any time think that “My Spiritual status has been elevated therefore, I am receiving these Divine blessings”.  

The station of Fana-fir-Rasool is achieved by the virtues of Fana-fish-Sheikh.  First, the Mureed becomes Fana (extinct) in his Sheikh while his Sheikh is Fana in Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r. Thus, it becomes easy for the Saalik to achieve the station of Fana-fir-Rasool.  This is because the Sheikh is a medium (Waseela) between the Mureed and Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r.


he third Fana is called Fana-fillah.  When the Saalik reaches the last stages of Fana­-Fillah he then enters the kingdom of Baqa.  When the great Mystic, Sheikh Junaid Al-Baghdadi t reached this stage, he said: “For forty years I was speaking to Almighty Allah I and the people thought that I was speaking to them”. Many Distinguished Awliya of Allah made similar statements. 

The station of Fana-fillah is so great that after acquiring it, the Saalik becomes aware of the secrets of Tauheed (Unique Oneness of Allah I). Thus, he is cleansed from all impurities and thoughts of Shirk (Polytheism).

A Saalik must seriously consider all these rules before he sets foot on the path of Sulook.  Firstly, he must purify his heart and tongue from all forms of sins and thereafter tread steadfastly on this spiritual path.  It is important for the Saalik to have Imaan (faith) like the preceding noble Awliya concerning the Blessings of Paradise, the Punishment of Hell, the Virgins and Palaces of Jannah and all other Bounties of Almighty Allah I.  All these realities are mentioned in the Holy Quraan, Sunnah of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r and traditions of the exalted Sahaba and predecessors.

After having sound faith in all these principles, he will then humble himself at the feet of a Murshid-e-Kaamil who will then initiate him in the path of Sulook. The Murshid-e-Kaamil must himself be also fully aware of the path of Sulook and blessed with all the spiritual formulae and mystical deliberation that will be required to be undertaken in this path.  If the Murshid himself is ignorant of these secrets then both he and the Mureed are doomed. They will be like two blind men in search of direction.

It is compulsory for a Saalik to be with Wudhu at all times.  Avoid being without Wudhu at anytime no matter how short a period it may be. Each time after making Wudhu, perform two Rakaats of Tahayyatul-Wudu.  This is from one of the many secret practices of the great Mystics.  It is stated in the Hadith Shareef  that, “Wudhu is a powerful weapon of a Muslim”. There are many benefits hidden in Wudhu. Its foundation is very strong. Hence, high buildings can be erected on powerful foundations.  Abstain from eating food without Wudhu and always pay attention to one’s spiritual condition.  Always recite the following Du’a after eating any food. Almighty Allah I will not question anyone about that food if you recite this Du’a:

الحمد لله الذي أطعمني و سقاني و جعلني من المسلمين *

Glory be to Allah Who has fed me and gave me something

to drink and made me a Believer.

After the Du’a recite 7 times Surah Quraish.  Make this a permanent habit. 

Get up daily in the last quarter of the night. Relief yourself from Istinja (toilet) and then perform Tayammum. Thereafter, recite the following couplets with great submissiveness and devotion.  Cry while reciting them for this was a spiritual tradition of our past noble Mashaa’ikh.

O Allah I! Grant me a pure heart and an understanding soul.

First spiritually intoxicate me in Your path and then guide

me towards You I in this state.

O Allah I! It is not difficult for You to save me from being rejected and it is no task for You to guide me on the mystical

path that leads to You I.

You have cleansed many souls from the filth of disbelief and transformed them into true Believers. Hence, You I will not be harmed if You I change one more arrogant and disobedient (like me) to a true Believer (Insaan-e-Kaamil).

Instil in my heart repentance, for I am sorrowful, and guide me on the right path, for I am a Believer (Muslim).

O You Who grants me strength! Be merciful upon me. Return me to my destination for the caravan has already departed.

Grant me my sustenance from the Secret World and do not make others greedy and lustful like me.

After reciting the above lines, now make the following intention to perform Wudhu (Niyyah):

نويت أن أتوضأ لرفع الحدث و استباحة الصلوة تقرّباً إلى الله تعالي الاسلام حقٌ و الكفرباطلٌ اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلى العظيم  لبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم *

I hereby make intention to acquire the Pleasure of Almighty

Allah I and cleanse myself from all impurities and qualify

myself for the performance of Salaah.  Islam is true and

genuine and Kufr is false and rejected.

After making this intention, perform proper Wudhu and offer two Rakaats of Tahayyatul-Wudhu. Recite Surah Fateha and Surah Ikhlaas three times in every Rakaat. On completion of these two Rakaats, go into Sajdah and recite three times the following Du’a:

اللهم أحيني محباً لك و امتني محبّاً لك و احشرني تحت أقدام كلاب أحبائك *

O Allah! Keep me alive in your Love and take me from this world whilst I am engrossed in Thy Love. And raise me on the Day of Qiyamah under the feet of your beloved servants.

Rise from Sajdah and perform twelve Rakaats of Tahajjud. One has the option to perform these twelve Rakaats in sets of two or four.  Here too, in every Rakaat, you will recite Surah Ikhlaas three times after Surah Fateha. A Saalik must perform all these duties regularly and never at any time make his Salaah Qadha. If he is obedient then he will find himself getting closer and closer to the Secret Mystical Kingdom. After the Salaatul Tahajjud recite the following Du’a:

Even though I had done no good but soiled my Book of Records with sins, but O Merciful Lord! Ignore the dirt

of my sins and bless me with Your Mercy.

I do not have any guarantee of my deeds but I have full trust

and hope on Your Favours and Grace.  Assist me (O Allah)

for I am your helpless and inferior servant.  If You do not

help me, then who will?

I will not prostrate at any doorstep besides Yours and if You

do not Bless me, then who will? O You Who cherishes the servants! Your single Blessing is greater than my Salaah

and devotion of a thousand years.

Assist me because I am a weak servant. If You do not assist me, then who else can I go to?

I will never prostrate at the doorstep of anyone. And if You do

not fulfil my needs then who else would?

O Cherisher of the Servants! An atom of your Divine Blessing is more excellent than a thousand years of worship.

After this, engage yourself in devotion of spiritual deliberation until the appearance of Subho-Saadiq.  Before Adhaan of Salaatul Fajr recite يا رزاق   100 times with Salawaat Alan Nabi r (Darood Shareef) three times at the beginning and at the end.

Now perform two Rakaats Sunnah of Fajr and thereafter, recite this Istighfaar 70 times:

استغفر الله الذي لا اله إلا هو الحي الفيّوم و أتوب إليه *

Then recite 41 times Surah Fateha with Bismillah, joining the Meem of Raheem with the Alif-Laam of Alhamdu.  Now perform your two Rakaats Fardh of Fajr. Thereafter, recite 100 times

يا غفّار يا غفور  with the intention of brightening the heart for the salvation and easiness in the path of Sulook.  If one can recite Surah Muz’zammil 11 times between the Sunnah and Fardh of Fajr, he will experience amazing spiritual benefits. 

It has been a practise of the Seniors of my Noble Family that after the performance of Salaatul Fajr, they sat on the same spot and engaged themselves in Zikr Jali or Khafi.  This was done in absolute concentration in the inner self (باطن). 

When the sun rises (approximately 20 minutes thereafter) perform two Rakaats of Shukrun-Nahaar (thanking Allah for the rise of the morning).  In all two Rakaats, after Surah Fateha, recite Surah Ikhlaas three times. Thereafter, recite  يَا َفتَّاحُ 100 times with Durood Shareef (Salawaat) three times each at the beginning and at the end. 

Now get up from your Musallah and never at any moment after this, become unconscious of meditation.  The Holy Quran reminds us:

فاذكروا الله قياما و قعودا و على جنوبكم *

So remember Allah whilst standing, sitting and lying down.
Always be alert and mindful of Allah’s I Zikr. 

After a few moments perform twelve Rakaats Chasht, for Almighty Allah I. This is for acquiring His I closeness.  This is how you will make the Niyyah:

نويت ان اصلى لله تعالى ركعتين تقرباً الى الله تعالى متوجهاً الى

 جهة الكعبة الشريفة الله اكبر *

“I make the Niyyah of performing this Salaah for Allah to acquire His closeness, facing the Qibla, Allahu-Akbar”.

Begin your Salaah and recite three times Surah Ikhlaas after Surah Fateha in every Rakaat. The Hadith Shareef of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r states: “The Shaytaan says that he does not have the courage to mislead anyone who performs his Chasht Salaah.”

Hold fast to this Salaah and never make it Qadha.  There are numerous benefits concealed in the Salaah.  Now recite يا نورُ 706 times. Thereafter, perform two Rakaats of Hifzul-Imaan (Salaah for the protection of your Imaan).  Recite the following Ayah five times after Surah Fateha in both Rakaats.

ربنا لا تزغ  قلوبنا بعد اذ هديتنا و هب لنا من لدنك رحمة انك انت الوهاب *

O Allah! Do not let me go astray because it You Who has

guided me on the Right Path. Grant me Your Divine Mercy.

Verily, You are the Great Benefactor.

Perform another two Rakaats Hifzul-Imaan in this manner. In the first Rakaat after Surah Fateha recite seven times Surah Ikhlaas and once Surah Falaq.  In the second Rakaat after Surah Fateha, recite seven times Surah Ikhlaas and Surah Naas once.

After Salaatul Zohr engage yourself in Tilaawat of Quran as much as possible.  In fact, it must not be less than one complete Para (Chapter). 

After Tilaawat, engage yourself in Devotion of Spiritual inner purity until Asr Salaah. 

Abstain from eating or drinking anything between Asr and Maghrib because you will be included in the group of those pious Mureeds who observe Fast. 

After performing Salaatul Maghrib, perform the following Salaah:

TwoRakaatsof Hadiyyatush-Sheikh
TwoRakaatsof Sheikh-ush-Sheikh
TwoRakaatsof Hadiyyah-e-Sheikh-ush-Sheikh.
If you are a Mureed of the blessed Qaadiriyyah Spiritual Order, then offer the following Salaah as well:

TwoRakaatsfor Sayyiduna Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani t
TwoRakaatsfor Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r    

In all the above Salaah, after Surah Fateha, recite Surah Duha in the first Rakaat and Surah Alam-Nashrah in the second.  Thereafter, the following Salawaat (Durood Shareef) is read 200 times:

اللهم صلى على سيدنا محمد عبدك و حبيبك و رسولك النبي الامي

و على آله و بارك و سلم *

Thereafter, again engross yourself in Spiritual inner deliberation, until Salaatul Esha. 

After completing Esha Salaah, raise your hands and say the following once:

افتح رزقي يا فتّاح *

O Bounteous Cherisher! Increase for me my sustenance!

Now recite 100 times هو الحق هو الباسط. While reciting these Magnificent Attributive Qualities of Allah I, The Supreme, concentrate on their meanings as well. This humble servant of Allah (the Author) received the above-mentioned Zikr from the Secret Mystical Kingdom and this Zikr has an amazing effect in the spiritual station of Jamul-Jam’ah, which is a domain of the devout intimate Mystic.

Now recite 100 times لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله العلى العظيم and three times Surah Muzzammil Shareef in the following manner:

Ten timesSalawaat (Durood Shareef).
Istighfaar three times.
Ta’oozand Tasmiyyah recited each time with Surah Muzzammil.
This was a regular practise of my predecessor Mashaa’ikh. This is to guard one’s self from spiritual hardships and confusion. 

Now proceed to your clean bed and recite Durood Shareef (Salawaat) 200 times, لا اله الا الله الحكيم الكريم 200 times, Surah Ikhlaas 25 times, Kalima Tamjeed 10 times, and carry on reading Kalima Tayyib until you fall off to sleep.




Always engage oneself in the Zikr of Kalima Tayyib.  It is mentioned in the Hadith Shareef  that this is an excellent Zikr.  For every 100 times you say the Zikr of لا اله الا الله , read once محمد رسول الله. This is because according to the Laws of Shari’ah, the verification of Risalah (Prophethood of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r) is necessary for the completion of Tauheed. 

Furthermore, the Beloved Habeeb of Allah r enjoys a very unique closeness with Allah I, The Supreme. This Zikr is called Nafi wa Ith’baat (Negation and Confirmation).  When the Saalik is engaged in this Zikr he must first concentrate of the negation, that is,  لا اله and then when he is content with this aspect, he will revert to the confirmation i.e. الا الله.  Hence the Saalik will continue the Zikr of Nafi wa Ith’baat until his heart and soul is spiritually nourished.

Thereafter, he will begin the Zikr of the mystical and intrinsic personal name of Allah i.e. الله الله . The Saalik will begin by reciting 1100 times Zikre Nafi wa Ith’baat.  He has the option of reading it in the manner of Jali (loudly) or Khafi (silently).

Thereafter, recite 5,000 times Zikr Ith’baat and 10 000 times Zikr Ism-e-Zaat.  The reason why the Noble Spiritual Masters have prescribed such great numbers is for the Saalik to embed the concentration of Almighty Allah I in his heart.  This takes a very long time for the secret chambers of the heart to confirm the intrinsic Personal Name of Allah I. It requires a very lengthy wait to get immensely engrossed and saturated in the Divine Being of Almighty AllahI.  Please note that there is a very special moment to achieve the ultimate Favour and Blessing of Allah I. 

Therefore, it is important for the Saalik to engage himself twice a day in deliberation of the above-mentioned Zikr.  The one is at Tahajjud time when the Mercies of Almighty Allah I are released in abundance.  It is at this time that the Sublime Creator I Descends from the Super Arcane Levels to His Magnificent Throne (عرش). The Divine move refers to the concentration of the Divine Beams of the Splendid Lustures of Almighty Allah I.  Hence, the unique beams of Lustre are very special at this moment. The Infinite Mercies of the Lord of Power I addresses His general and Elite servants as follows: “O My servants! At this moment, ask Me for what you desire and I will grant your desires”.

The other special time is after Maghrib. For the general public, at this time, night commences, but it is morning for the ardent lovers (Mystics) of Allah  I It is morning for those special servants of Allah I who stay awake all night and engage in worship and Zikr. Thus, if a Saalik fully executes the commands and obeys the principles of the illustrious Spiritual Masters, then for him will be the promise of the Holy Quran:

لا تقنطوا  من رحمة الله *

Don’t give up hope in the Mercy of Allah I.

The virtues of this and the guidance of the Murshid-e-Kaamil will beam the radiance of secret lustre on the Saalik.

When these condition manifest in him, it is most important on the Saalik to be present by his Murshid-e-Kaamil.  It is now when the Murshid will choose an appropriate spiritual level and initiate the Mureed in it.  When this happens then it is very dangerous for the Mureed to be absent from the presence of the Murshid-e-Kaamil. There are numerous delicate obstacles that can mislead the Saalik.  The most dangerous element in this path is spiritual ecstasy (جذب).  If the Murshid-e-Kaamil is Divinely-blessed with the power of spiritual authority then he will at once guide the Mureed from this dangerous region and place him in the conscious subtle domain of proximity. 

On the contrary, a Saalik looses his senses here and becomes stagnant in the region of Jazb (spiritual intoxication) or becomes the victim of the Cursed Shaytaan and is totally destroyed.  When the traveller (Saalik) of Sulook reaches this dangerous region of Jazb, then he feels nothing but ignorance everywhere. At this critical point if the guidance of the Murshid-e-Kaamil does not come to his assistance, then the Saalik gets permanently besieged there.

We seek refuge in Allah I from our lustful desires and evil actions.  If the Murshid-e-Kaamil guides and protects the Saalik, then he reaches the station of “Divine Conduct”.  Therefore, at all times and conditions, the guidance, protection and blessings of the Murshid-e-Kaamil is the most important factor and weapon for the Saalik.  If the Saalik does not have this to back him, and then he plays in the hands of the Cursed Shaytaan.  May the Merciful  Allah I always protect us from this destruction! Aameen.



Whenever dangers of obstruction are experienced in Zikr or Devotion, that is, one becomes careless or neglectful of spiritual duties, then the Saalik must remove them instantly. The method of destroying these interference’s, is by spitting angrily to one’s left side, imagining that he spat on the face of the Cursed Shaytaan.  This Cursed Shaytaan along with his evil army, then runs away from the Mureed. Thereafter, the Saalik will continue with whatever worship he was engaged in. 

If the Shaytaan tries to interfere again, then the Saalik must take a deep breath and forcefully blow out the air through his nostril as if cleansing the brain from all impurities. Imagine that by doing this that you are ejecting all doubts and interferences in Zikr and devotion.  Now nothing but absolute devotion in left in the brain.  After this, peacefully engage yourself in the deliberation of Zikrullah. Thereafter, if any fear or hindrance is still experienced, with great power, loudly read three times Zikre-Nafi wa Ith’baat i.e. لا اله الا الله, striking the heart with a Darb. Now engage yourself in whatever you were doing. By now, the Grace of Almighty  Allah I will protect you for as long as you sit in Zikr. This Divine Protection will remove all fears, interference and doubts from your existence. Whenever necessary, follow the above principles, which is the prescribed method of our past Noble Spiritual Masters. The Disciples (Mureeds) have successfully benefited from it.

he method of performing Zikr is as follows: Firstly, perform Wudhu. Then, sit cross-legged or in the Qada (Tashahud) position facing the Qibla. Now, with great concentration and devotion recite, Ayatul-Kursi and the four Qul’s (Suras Kafiroon, Ikhlaas, Falaq, and Naas) once each, and blow on yourself creating a spiritual protective circle. Now avoid looking around and consolidate your sight to your body.  Remove the thoughts of all creation and give undivided concentration in Almighty Allah I. You are now engaged in the unique remembrance (Zikr) of the Supreme Being, Who with Majestic Powers of Vision is Watching and Listening to you. Hence, it is compulsory on you to turn your attention away from everything other than the Lord of Power, The Supreme, The Almighty Allah I. By His Divine Grace, He I is beaming His Splendid Lustre (Tajalli) on every portion of your body. As a result, your physical body too, is now reflecting that Splendid beams, through Divine Radiation. Let this condition captivate you so forcefully that you experience the state of:

اعبد الله كأنك تراه *

Worship Allah I as if you are seeing Him.

Commission your entire life in this state until you become the example of the Ayaat Kareema:

واعبد ربّك حتى يأتيك اليقين *

And worship Allah I until death.

If a Saalik fully obeys these set rules, he will acquire immense spiritual blessings from the pure souls of the dignified Awliya of Allah I.  As a result, he will then advance from the station of Shari’ah to the rank of Tariqah. It is in this domain where he will get all his questions answered by the Angles of Allah I. 

One who accomplishes these two levels will also qualify for the rank of Ilmul Yaqeen and Ainul Yaqeen. Thereafter, the company of the Murshid-e-Kaamil will lead him to the ultimate level of Rohul-Yaqeen and Haqqul-Yaqeen. Remember, O Beloved Saalik! No spiritual progress can be achieved in the Mystical domain without a Murshid-e-Kaamil. So never forget the Golden Rule: “Find the Murshid-e-Kaamil”.

O Almighty Allah I, Master of the Universe, through the Waseela-e-Uzma of Your Beloved Habeeb Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r and the blessings of Your super-elite servants, the esteemed Awliya, forgive our sins and grant us Divine guidance on the path to Sulook, which leads to Your I Proximity and Pleasure.

آمين و الحمد لله ربّ العالمين و الصلوة والسلام على شمس العارفين امام المحبوبين سيّد العاشقين حبيبنا و مولانا محمد و آله و صحبه و اوليآء امته و شهدآء محبته  اجمعين

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