Ameer al Momineen had a smiling face, was good natured and a paragon of sincerity. He was kind to the poor and always took care of the orphans. He was an exact replica of the manners and character of the Prophet (s.a.). He met the elite and the ordinary persons with the same affability. He used to treat the slaves with the same consideration as he would treat his own relatives. To servants he always gave help in sharing their heavy burdens. He hated self praise. He lived a very simple and frugal life. Like the ordinary folk he ate simple food and wore inexpensive clothes. Most of the chores he preferred to perform with his own hands. He used to repair his own footwear, stich his torn cloaks and always went to the bazaar to buy the grocery. He used to work as a farm laborer. He used to excavate ponds with his own hands, plant trees and water them. Instead of amassing wealth, he preferred to distribute it to the poor and impecunious. He didn’t like distinction on the basis of color and descent. He used to treat the guests with great honor. He never sent back any needy person empty handed. He never let the feelings of hate, rancor and revenge come near him. He exercised forbearance and forgiveness to a surprising extent. He was strict in the matter of Faith and always fulfilled the requirements of justice and fairplay. He used to tread on the path of truth and fairness and never was partial to anyone in these matters. He never used methods of stealth and cunning even with his sworn enemies. He spent the nights in prayer and supplication. After the morning prayers he used to give instruction to people in matters of the Quran and Fiqh. With the fear of Allah he used to shiver. He used to cry so much while supplicating to Allah that his beard used to get wet with the tears.

Once Zarar ibne Zamra Zabai visited the court of Muawiya. Muawiya asked him to tell something about Hazrat Ali (a.s.) because he had the privilege of spending lot of time with him. In the beginning Zarar was reluctant, but on insistence of Muawiya he said:

By Allah! His aims were high and physique strong! He always talked with determination and acted with justice and fairness. The streams of learning used to flow from him and his words were like songs of erudition and wisdom. He was not attracted to the false glitter of the world. He used to take solace in the loneliness of dark nights. Tears used to flow from his eyes and he used to be immersed in thoughts. He preferred dress that was modest and liked simple food. He lived with us like an ordinary person. Whenever we asked anything he would reply with patience. By Allah! Despite all the nearness, we used to hold him in awe before we opened our mouths to speak with him. He respected men of learning and gave the poor the privilege of his company. The powerful could never expect his support in their watwardness and the weak.

was never disappointed with his justice. Allah is witness that I have seen him, in dark nights, restlessly holding his beard and wincing as would a person bitten by a snake and saying “O world! Go and deceive someone else! Don’t come to flatter me. How is is possible for me to reconcile with you that I have already divorced you thrice! You are transient and your importance is but little! It is a pity that the provision for the journey is meager, the destination is distant and the way frightening!” Ref: Isteaab, Vol 2, Page 463

This was the Voice of Truth that reverberated in the Darbar e Sham, a court where sycophants were gathered to flatter the tyrant. None could dare there to speak out the truth. This was a unique situation that a person of courage did speak! The books of history record that the courtiers cried copiously hearin the talk of Zarar and even the eyes of Muawiya watered. This was the magnetic effect of the high morality and veracity of actions that even the hearts ofenemies melted like wax.. Ameer al Momineen was an ideal mixture of awe and dignity; kindness and compassion. He was as hard as a mountain and as soft as the cloud in flight. One of the companions of Hazrat Ali (a.s.), Sasa ibne Sauhan, has said:

“Hazrat (a.s.)used to live amongst us as an ordinary

person. Despite his humility and softness, we

used to be hesitant and subdued in

his presence, like the prisoner who

had a sword of the executioner

over his head!”

Ref: Preface Shara Ibne Abil Hadeed

In view of these characteristics of Hazrat Ali (a.s.), Mulla Ali Azarbaijani

has something wonderful to say:

“Asad Allah iza saal iege

Abuleetam iza jaad wa bar

He used to challenge the enemy and

Attack him like Allah’s Tiger!

And while doing charity and good deeds He looked like the parent of the orphans!”


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