عشق با نان جوین خیبر گشاد * عشق در اندام مه چاکی نهاد Ishque Ba Nane-Jaween Khayber Kushad, Ishaque Dar Andame Meh Chake Nihad

Iqbal holds that Hazrat Ali is the true lover of God and thus Love has given him strength with which he can win any fort even if it be strong as the fort of Khayber. (It was the force of true love which made a cavern on the surface of moon). Finally he implied that it is only the true love which makes a man strong and Hazrat Ali (a.s.) was the strongest because he had the true love for God.


کور را بیننده از دیدار کن * بولوب را حیدر کرار کن

Kor ra beeninda az deedar Kun, Boo Lahab ra Hayder-e Karrar Kun Iqbal says that the Muslims now-a-day have lost faith in our Holy Prophet (s.a.w.). And that is the reason of our downfall. We are like the blind griping in the dark. If we cast our ignorance aside, if we inculcate the spirit of love for our Prophet (s.a.w.) and Hazrat Ali (a.s.) we shall regain our lost glory.


یش او به آسمان نه خیبر است * ضربت او از مقام حیدر است

Pesh oo noh asman noh Khayber ast, Zarbat-e oo az maqame Hayder ast

Iqbal’s heart is full of ardent love for Hazrat Ali (a.s.). His faith is that the whole universe is under the command of Hazrat Ali. A true follower of Hazrat Ali can conquer many heavens and Khaybers. Hazrat Ali (a.s.) possessed that high standard of love and devotion towards God Almighty which no one could match.


حکم حق را در جهان جاری نکرد « نانی از جو خورد و کراری نکرد * Hukme Haq ra dar Jahan jari na Kara, Nane az jao Khurd-o-Karrari na Kard

Allama Iqbal says that we should be true followers of Hazrat Ali (a.s.). Simply eatisig the bread of barley and retiring from the worldly life is against the tenets of Hazrat Ali and Islam. While Hazrat Ali led an austere life he proved to be the greatest general in the battlefield. He also preached the laws of the shariat like a learned Missionary of

Islam. It is therefore the duty of every Muslim to follow in the footsteps of Hazrat Ali (a.s.).

COUPLET 5 خانقاهی جست و از خیبر رمید * راهبی ورزید و سلطانی ندید Khanqahe just o az Khayber ram ed, Rahibi warzeed o sultani nadeed

Many Muslims have misconstrued the spirit of Islam They have retired from the worldly life and taken their abode in a monastry. Thay have forgotten that it was Muslims who had conquered Khaybers and also ruled as Kings. The examples set by Hazrat Ali (a.s.) are before us and should follow them and serve Islam as is required of us.


دین او آئین او سوداگری است * عنتری اندر لباس حیدری است Deen e oo deen-e-Soudagari ast, Antari andar libas e Hayderi ast

Allama Iqbal strongly criticises the present Muslim. He severely condemns the bargaining type of spirit of the Muslims. They are not true Muslims. They sell out their religion for the sake of money and wealth. Their Islam is only ostentation. We should search our heart. There is no other way except that of following the tenets prescribed by Hazrat Ali (a.s.).

COUPLET 7 با وطن پیوست و از خود در گذشت * دل به رستم داد و از حیدر گذشت

Ba watan paiwast wa az khud dar guzesht, Dil ba rustam dad wa az Hayder guzesht

Allama Iqbal is a true Muslim. He wants us to be first Muslim and then anything else. His love for Hazrat Ali (a.s.) is beyond treasure. He is an ideal for him, Patriotism according to him is a secondary thing. Our Patriotism should not be like Rustam’s. We should be patoriot with a religious or Islamic bias. We are Muslims and every land belongs to us.


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