Hadith: Most beloved creature

Al Tirmidhi in his Sahih reports that once when the Prophet (5) sat down to eat a fowl that had been prepared for his dinner, he prayed to God: “My God, bring the most beloved of Your creatures, that he may eat this fowl with me.” Then Ali (AS) came and the Prophet ate with him.

● ● ● Abu Nuaym in Hilyah, vi, 339; ● al Hakim in Mustadrak, iii, 130, 131; al Khatib in Tarikh Baghdad, ii, 171; al Muhibb al Tabari in al Riyad al Nadirah, ii, 160, 161, and Dhakha’ir al?-uqba, 61; al Haythami in Majma al Zawa’id, ix, 125, 126; al Muttaqi in Kanz al Ummal, iv, 406; Ibn al Athir in Usd al Ghabah, iv, 30.


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