Whilst once returning from the tour of Satrakh as usual according to his old custom Sarkar waris resided in the house of Hafiz Ramzani. Ramzani Saheb looking sorrowful and restless, expressed with great respect and humility that they has not eaten anything from morning as they had not a single pie for expenditure, He felt acutely sorrowful and helpless as he was unable to serve our Saint Sarkar Waris con soled and advised him to be patient saying, ‘Ever since my younger days I am accustomed to starve. When God our cherisher sends us food we will eat. Have you not heard that the exquisite dish in Divine Larder is starvation? God bestows his choice dish on those who submit to his will. Perform two sets of thanks giving prayer (one set of prayer standing on genu flexion and prostration. “The style of reading is in the first set (rakat) read the chapter(Surah) “wad-u-ha” and in the second set the chapter “Alamnashraha”. After the completion of Namaz in the posture of prostration recite for seventy times “Hasbunallaha wa-Neimal Vakil Neimul Maula wa-Neiman-Naseer.” Your name will be included in the list of God’s friends.

Whilst Haji Saheb was busy in performing prayer news came that Raja Sarandeep Singh had celebrated the Holy Prophet’s Nativity. Munshi Ghulam Dastagir Saheb has sent the food. Hafiz Saheb placed all the dishes before our Saint and insisted that he should eat it first but our Saint requested him as it was not against table etiquette that Hafiz Saheb should eat first. Later Hafiz Saheb declared that from that day onwards due to Divine favour he never starved and in some way or they other food was always available.

There are many instances of our Saint’s trust in God which portray the grand and dignified example of his reliance on Divine favour. He has repeated many a time that God is a true creator and an absolute sustainer.

The commandment of our saint is “be patient even if you are starving. God is all knowing omniscient. He also said, to whoever it is destined you will surely get it, whoever trusts God He surely helps him.

Man however far he may be from his house is always anxious, thinks of his wife and sends the amount earned by his labour. But one who is as near to you as your jugular vain would He not think of you like a husband worries about his wife?

Trust in God is all prophets tradition. Make God your counsel.

God is responsible for your food.

Trust in God is opposite of avarice.

Trust in God is a symptom of modesty, The sense of the moral conclusion of our Saint is his sterling qualities of trust in God as a superfine quality. The miracle of trust in God of our Saintits rays of light on others, makes them his votaries gifted with this quality, which becomes inherent in them.


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