His sleeping bed was also like that of hermits. The aged people narrate that when he returned from Hajj, one of his physical exertions being, sleeping on bare ground spreading a blanket and with his bent arm serving as a pillow. The pillow was one of the comfortable things he had forsaken and it was against etiquette. Later on his attendants obtain permission to spread a mattress over it. It happened that a Shikohabad his hand constantly being used for a pillow, turned red. At that time some of his devotees humbly requested him not to rest his head on his arm, lest it may develop into a sore. He removed it saying “Alright in future it will not serve as a pillow,” but when the servants noticed his discomfort with out the pillow it was like “out from the frying pan into the fire.” They prevailed upon him that if a pillow is against manner a rolled quit will serve the purpose of a pillow. The Saint told them it would cause more inconvenience and if they think that it will provide comfort he will use it. But in spite of the rolled quilt he was seen sleeping below it, which in mystic term is called “feigned ignorance”. Later on he gave the quilt to be beggar, when his servants were tardy to fulfil his desire. So except a tahband and a bed he owned nothing in this world.


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