Ya Mustafa Ya Mujtaba

Ya Mustafa Ya Mujtaba
(Oh the choose one, oh the selected one)

Iraham-lana, Iraham-lana
(Show us mercy)

Dast-e-hama, bechara ra
(Your Hand is the one) (that All the poor hold)

Daama tuhi, daama tuhi
(No doubt it’s your Hand)

Mann aasiyam, Mann ajizam
(I’m Sinner) (I’m Helpless)

Mann bekasam, Haal-e-mara
(I’m friendless) (I’m destitute and feeble)

Pursa tuhi, pursa tuhi
(You’re the one who Cares for me)

Aye mushtub-e-zambar fishaan
(O Musk-Willow, Scattering fragrance)

Paike naseem-e-sub hadam
(O sweet breeze of the early morn)

Aye chara-gar essa nafas
(O you who cures ills) (O you with the breath of Jesus)

Aye moonis-e- beemar-e-gham
(O consoler of the grief-stricken)

Aye qaasid-e-parkhundapaye
(O auspicious messenger)

Tujhko usi gul ki kasam
(I beg you in the name of that same fragrance)

Innal tayari has saba
(O enchanting morning breeze, if you go)

Yaumal ila-ar-dil-haram
(To that sacred land of Haram someday)

Ballig salami roza tann
(Present my greetings at the blessed grave)

Fi-han nabi-al-mohtaram
(Where the revered Prophet rests)

Taajdare Haram , Ho Nigahe Karam
(O King of Haram) (Bless us with your merciful Gaze)

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