Shaheed e Uhud Hazrat Kharja bin zaid Radiallahu anhoo

Hazrat Kharijah bin Zaid(ra) was one of the Companions of the Holy Nabi Pakﷺ  who belonged to Aghar family from among the Khazraj tribe. His daughter, Hazrat Habibah bint Kharojah(ra) was married to Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) and was the mother of Hazrat Umme Kulthum(ra). The Holy Prophet(sa) established brotherhood between Hazrat Kharijah(ra) bin Zaid and Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra). He was a chief from among his tribe and was considered amongst the noble companions. He had taken the oath of allegiance in Aqabah. (At-Tabaqat Al-Kubra, Vol. 3, p.271, Dar Ihya At-turath Al-Arabi, 1996, Beirut).

After migrating to Medina, Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) had stayed at his house. (Usdul Ghaaba, Vol. 1, p.640, Kharija bin Zaid, Darul Fikr, 2003, Beirut).

He took part in the Battle of Badr and during the battle of Uhud he attained the status of martyrdom whilst fighting with immense bravery and valour. He was attacked by spears and sustained more than thirteen wounds. Safwan bin Umayyah walked passed him as he lay on the floor due to the wounds. Safwan recognised him and attacked, which resulted in his martyrdom.

Nabi Pakﷺ He also mutilated his body and said, “He was amongst those who killed Abu Ali i.e. my father Umayyah bin Khalf. I have the opportunity now to kill the noble Companions of the Holy Prophet and grant satisfaction to my heart.” He killed Hazrat ibn Kaukal(ra), Hazrat Kharijah(ra) bin Zaid and Hazrat Aus(ra) bin Arqam.

Hazrat Kharijah(ra) and Hazrat Sa‘d bin Rabi’(ra) – who was the cousin of the Nabi Pakﷺ – were buried in the same grave. (Al-Isti‘ab, Vol. 3, p.324, Darul Kutub-ul-Ilmiya, 2002, Beirut).

It is narrated that on the day of the Battle of Uhud, Hazrat Abbas(ra) bin Abadah called upon the Muslims in a loud voice and said, “O Muslims! Remain attached with God and His Prophet(sa).

The calamity you have experienced just now was because of being disobedient to the Prophet(sa). He promised you support but you did not show patience.”

Then Hazrat Abbas(ra) took off his helmet and armour and asked Hazrat Kharijah(ra), “Do you need this?” Hazrat Kharijah(ra) responded, “No. I also long for what you desire.” Thereafter, they were surrounded by the enemy. Abbas bin Abadah stated, “If the Holy Prophet(sa) is injured in front of our eyes, what excuse will we have in front of our God?” Hazrat Kharijah(ra) stated, “We will have no excuse and neither any argument to present before our Lord.” Sufyan bin ‘Abdus Shams Salmi martyred Hazrat ‘Abbas(ra) bin Abadah and Hazrat Kharijah(ra) bin Zaid sustained more than ten wounds caused by arrows. (Kitab-ul-Maghazi, Vol.1, pp.227-228, Baab Ghazwa Uhad, Daar-ul-Kutub-ul-Illmiyah, 2004, Beirut)

Hazrat Malik(ra) bin Dukhsham walked by Hazrat Kharijah(ra) bin Zaid on the day of Uhud. Hazrat Kharijah(ra) was fatally injured and had received nearly thirteen wounds. Hazrat Malik(ra) said to him, “Are you aware that the Holy Prophet(sa) has been martyred?” Hazrat Kharijah(ra) responded, “If the Holy Prophet(sa) has been martyred then certainly God is living and He will not die. Muhammad(sa) has conveyed the message. You should also fight for the sake of your faith.” (Kitab-ul-Maghazi, Vol.1, p.243, Baab Ghazwa Uhad, Daar-ul-Kutub-ul-Illmiyah, 2004, Beirut)

Hazrat Kharijah(ra) had two children out of which one was Zaid bin Kharijah who passed away during the Khilafat of Hazrat Uthman(ra). Hazrat Kharijah’s second child was Hazrat Habibah bint Kharijah(ra) who was married to Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra). At the time of the demise of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra), she was expecting a child. Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) had mentioned, “I am expecting a daughter from her” and thus she gave birth to a baby girl. (Usdul Ghaaba, Vol. 1, pp.640-641, Kharija bin Zaid, Darul Fikr, 2003, Beirut).

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