Hazrat Abdul Mutalib ka Deen





Hazrat Abdul Muttalib (sa)
Son of Hazrat Hashim (sa)
• Hazrat Abdul Muttalib was the grandfather of our
prophet ;sawͿ. His ŵother͛s Ŷaŵe bibi Saima (sa)
aŶd his father͛s Ŷaŵe was Hazrat Hashiŵ ;sa). His
own real name was Shibah
• When Hazrat Hashim was about to pass away, he
asked his brother Hazrat Muttalib (sa) to get his
son Shibah from Medina. Hazrat Muttalib went to
Medina and brought Shibah (sa) back, at this time
Shibah (sa) was mistaken as a slave of his uncle
Hazrat Muttalib (sa) and hence became known as
Abdul Muttalib (slave of Muttalib) somehow the
name remained with Hazrat Shibah (sa)
When Hazrat Hashim (sa) died Hazrat Muttalib
(sa) took over the duties as a leader until Hazrat
Abdul Muttalib (sa) was old enough to take on
these responsibilites.
Hazrat Abdul Muttaliib took over the duties
when his uncle Hazrat Muttalib died.
Hazrat Abdul Muttalib was righteous. He
followed Ibrahim’s and Ismael’s religion and was
a good leader, and thus earned the title of and
his 3rd name SAYYIDUL-BA͛THA ;chief of MeccaͿ
During his lifetime he made many positive
changes and rules in the live of the Quraish:-
• Stopped marriages between close relations
• Made rules to punish theives
• Stopped people from drinking alcohol
• Discouraged the burying of daughters alive
• Set a fine for killing someone by mistake
For himself:
• He was the 1st persoŶ to pay ͚KHUMS͛ aŶd
fulfil his ͚NA)‘͛
Zam Zam
The well of ZAM ZAM water had existed since
the time of Hazrat Ibrahim (sa), in its early days
it was overused and therefore dried up. At the
time of Hazrat Abudul Muttalib (sa) e knew
nothing except the fact that it existed.
In a dream Hazrat Abdul Muttalib received
instructions to dig up the well. With his eldest
son he began to dig and dug for 4 days until they
found the entrance to the well.
The Quraish claimed that the well belonged to
the whole tribe and refused to let them dig any
To reach a decision to their quarrel they sought
to seek the council of a wise man in Syria. On
the way to Syria the caravan ran out of water.
Hazrat Abdul Muttalib started to search for
water where it seemed impossible to succeed.
By the mercy and grace of Allah swt he
discovered water, which he willingly shared with
everyone. The Quraish felt that this was a sign
from Allah that the Hazrat Abdul Muttalib was
the rightful owner of the ZAMZAM well. So they
returned from half way back to Mecca
Upon their return, Hazrat Abdul Muttalib true to
his dream began to dig further and found water
along with some buried treasure also.
From his share he donated 1/5th in the way of
Allah swt


Qaul e Imam Ali AlaihisSalam

Imam Ali (as)
Jab insaan mar jaata hai to uske tamaam amaal ka silsila toot jaata hai siwaaye 3 amaal ke – 1) Sadqa e jaariya, 2) Wo Ilm jiski wo logo’n ko taalim diya karta tha aur logo’n ne oos se faayda uthhaya aur 3) Wo nek beta jo uske liye Dua karta ho.
Tajalliyat e Hikmat, Sadqa

Hadith Jami Tirmizi 1956

🌺👉नबी करीम ﷺ ने फ़रमाया: अपने भाई के सामने तुम्हारा मुस्कुराना तुम्हारे लिए सदक़ा है,

🌼👉तुम्हारा भलाई का हुक्म देना और बुराई से रोकना सदक़ा है,

🍁👉भटक जाने वाली जगह में किसी आदमी को तुम्हारा रास्ता दिखाना तुम्हारे लिए सदक़ा है,

🌷👉नाबीना और कम देखने वाले आदमी को रास्ता दिखाना तुम्हारे लिए सदक़ा है,

🍂👉पत्थर, कांटा और हड्डी को रास्ते से हटाना तुम्हारे लिए सदक़ा है,

❄👉अपने बरतन से अपने भाई के बरतन में तुम्हारा पानी डालना तुम्हारे लिए सदक़ा है।

Jamiat Tirmidhi: jild 4, hadish no. 1956📚